Wednesday, February 14, 2007

philippine politics

I'm pittung aside this season's blissfulness, I mean, valentine's, to ponder on a
more logical and practical issue - political campaign. As I do recalled, I said
that I despised our country's politics, and true to my words, I still hate it!
Yet, how come reflect on it? For a simple reason, political campaign season started.

The (in)famous president of the Philippines once said in her speech, the country
should have a new set of law-makers able to make the country progressive instead
of the old one's doing nothing but to distract the country's development. I do
agree with her, yet only to a certain extent. I can vote, and recycle some
old politicians, if I know he/she is credible enough to follow his/her own
conscience, act on his/her will and with no tarnish on his/her track record.
This is definitely not a discrimination by age, but a eye opener to some
few individuals who doesn't know how to exercise their vote wisely.

Would you like to elect a so-called politician even if he/she didn't graduated
from any reputable law school? Would you like to vote for a popular celebrity even
if you know he/she is not capable enough to become a law-maker? Would you waste
your vote to some old traditional politician who haven't done anything? Would
you wished to elect a law-maker even if you know a relative of that said politician
is already in the position that he/she is aspiring to? Would you like to vote
for an ex-mutineer who wished to distabilize the so-called peace and order?
Would you wished to waste your time on voting some politicians crossing over
political borders? Lastly, would you vote a politician with a stained track
record, and doesn't stand by his/her conscience?
Of course, No would be your answer, and same as mine. However, uneducated one's, from the marginalized
population area, definitely don't think that way, instead the opposite.

Okay, given that scenario, which is definitely happening in our country, I say if
the said politicians win the coming national elections, then no progress would
occur. What would an elementary graduate do as a law-maker? To the Filipinos out
there you know who I'm taking about - Manny Pacquiao! Yes, he running for congress!
What would he do? For heaven sake. Aside from him, there are these celebrities,
graduates of arts and all, not law; how would they manipulate the country to
progress. Shocks... such a waste of vote for some trustworthy individuals!
More so, political dynasty of the few elites.

But why do they force themselves in such positions (e.g. congress and senate), not because they wanted to help the country, not because they wanted development, but because of the prestige being added to their name - honorable senator, honorable congressman. Aside from that, the unauditable millions they can have from being in that position - the pork barrel. Such a wonderful country where you pay such a huge amount of taxes that goes only to the pockets of these corrupt individuals. (Okay, some may not be corrupt, but can be influenced to become one).

And this is always what, we, the few educated ones wanted to from the very beginning
we voiced out our grievances. We wanted reforms from capable individuals, and not from idiots and puppets of the few elites and power hungry individuals. We wanted
progress to occur and not regression. Now, it's not big deal, why most of us
wanted to flee from this waste-of-a-country to go to a more civilized one!