Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pagerank lost due to neglect

Last month I know I still had a pagerank, and I've became confident that it will not go away even if I neglected this site for all I care. But now, things are just different, my poor old site totally plummeted down the drain of the pagerank ladder, despite still having some good quality old backlinks.

I really don't know why for some reason I lost my pagerank again in google's last update, for I had abandoned all means of creating post that doesn't meet their webmasters guidelines. Nor do I have the inclination on doing the same again after my re-inclusion to google's indexes. But what had caused this dilemma?

I'm still searching the reason as why I lost my precious pagerank, but I end up really not knowing what had caused it. Maybe neglect on this site? Maybe some of my backlinks are gone? Maybe I'm penalized again? I really don't know. I'm just going to wait next update to see whether some of these instances are deemed correct so as for me to see what to do next.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Availiable to All

Microsoft had lift its expected limit to the beta release of its the new windows operating system, Windows 7, after a surge of visitors wanting to download it for testing. The said beta file will be available up to the 24th of January, after which Microsoft will reinstate its limit.

To read the full article about windows 7 please click here

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kerchoonz: A New Social Network

Piracy, if not the worst, is the most rampant cause of intellectual property rights violation across the globe which leads to loss of investment and income to artists, composers and recording labels alike. Suffice to say downloading free pirated music and or video over the internet through torrents and or warez sites, cripples not only a portion of a certain business establishment but the entire music and movie industry itself. Despite drastic measures enacted by different law enforcing agencies around the world, it is still not enough to eradicate the free sharing and or trading of files over and across the vast network called the internet.

For the past few years, everyone, including I had downloaded a large sum of music and or video files freely uploaded and shared over the internet. Let us face it, who would not want to get free merchandise with just a click of your mouse? However, as technology improves things, it also complicates everything as a result, hence giving birth to what everyone now knows as the Digital Rights Management (DRM). With DRM as an obstruction to free music, sources for it appeared to be scarcer than the usual.

UnknownBut luckily, there’s a certain company out there that had envisioned a goal to share a DRM free music to its users or members at the expense of paying recording labels with the revenue generated through the advertisements they had embedded within their site. The company that I’m talking about is no other than Kerchoonz, a new social networking site that was developed for musicians and artists a like so as for them to share to the whole community their piece of work. Of course, the site is still in beta phase, but even though, it really appears to be a promising site since there is this cool feature for artists with which they will be paid appropriately for every music the members had downloaded from the site. More so, if the said artist referred another colleague to the site, he will also be paid for the said sign-up.

Imagine, free DRM music for all and at the same time being paid for your work, where in the world could you get that except for Kerchoonz. So what are you waiting for, join now and be a part of a wonderful community that offers only the best.


Twlight the Movie: An Honest Review.

Twilight the Movie. An Honest Review from the Eyes of a Viewer.

To make my long narrative short, the only thing that I can say with regard to this movie is that it s-u-c-k-s! Forgive my word, vulgar and vile word, but that's what I've felt after I had watched it weeks ago.

I know, I know, you don't agree with me for you have come to like that "vampire", and sad to say that if you're driven by desire (i.e. like and love) you tend and intend to accept everything that is associated with that kind of feeling. But let's face the truth. The movie really isn't even satisfying, and not even worth a watch!

Okay, let me get straight to my points, and see if I can dissuade you from your views of the said movie.
  1. Cinematography. Poor.

  2. Special Effects. Lacking.

  3. Story. Not even catchy.

  4. There's not even a suspenseful moment in it. What I mean is, it's predictable. Everything about it can be approximately guessed correctly.
  5. No touch of a slightest romance. Despite that its "major theme" purports romance.

With all that said and done, now you know why I truly hated this movie. I was expecting more from it. More! As in more! But sad to say, I expected too much.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Blog Update

It's like what?!, almost months since I decided to stop over here to update this antiquated site, and I'm too sad to say that it will remain the same old b-o-r-i-n-g site that you had come to know of. :(

Well, not so much, just to lighten up the mood, since I had decided that I may from time to time update it. Again. Not particularly the same-old-usual-habit of splurge posting, but just enough to keep it from being indexed by search engines.

I know, I need a lot of explaining to do as to how and why I ended up forgetting that I had a blog. But as time passes by, and the fad grows accustomed and acclimated to one's system then it's easier to just leave it all behind and begin a new and fresh start. I don't mean that I intend to leave this site, but I think I need to reinvent it all again to soothe my mood as of the moment.

Anyway, this is the first step. to update this site, and I hope I can still manage to keep it and my thoughts coming. :) So long... and wait for the next update. :) That is if I had the time. :(

Monday, September 15, 2008

Laarni: New Grand Star Dreamer

Laarni Losala, PDA, Grand Star Dreamer, Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2Laarni Losala (a.k.a Laarni Lozada as Director Joey Reyes had dubbed), an aspirant singer from Sultan Kudarat, was hailed as the top scholar of this year's season of the Dream Academy, Philippine Edition. Laarni, who was blessed with such superb vocal quality and prowess had impressed almost a million Filipino viewers, hence secured her their votes and support up unitl the last night's awards show where she was given the title Grand Star Dreamer.

A dreamer from the troubled province of Mindanao, Philippines, she now had fulfilled her dreams of becoming a singer and her longing desire to alleviate her family from their impoverished condition. Still she has a long way to go and a lot of obstacles to face in the harsh world of the music industry, but with the people's support I know she can conquer it all, just the way she had conquered it on the night of her proclamation as the next Grand Star Dreamer.

Congratulation to this years winners of the Philippine Edition of the Dream Academy, may all your career blossom.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remember Me?: An Insight.

Remember Me?This is the first book that I had read from Sophie Kinsella, a chic lit novelist; and since it's my first time to read one of her works, I actually didn't expect much because I had no idea of her writing style and technique. But with all honesty, I was taken aback with my wrong expectations; I had never quite imagined that I would end up so endowed on her writing style and technique to a point that I'm craving for more of what she has to offer. She is such a good novelist that I wouldn't mind recommending all her works to all book lovers out there. However, since this is the first book ever that I had read from such brilliant author, expect that I would one day make another review or insight about her works that I had come across with.

Anyway, what's in store for readers if they had come to open the book Remember Me? Well they'll just end up being struck by the quality and richness of the story about a young adult that had suffered from an illness and her will to redeem herself. As it's title header states, I believe you all have a vague idea of what might have transpired in the life of the protagonists but you all wanted to be sure if the novel is worth a read. I assure you all that this book is better and you all might even associate your feelings and experiences to the protagonists experiences itself. I assure you all that you will love it much as I do.

Nevertheless, the story of the book itself is light and pleasurable to read, more so, it's easily understandable despite some highfalutin words that might had come across as you skim and read the rest of the pages. But I'm assuming that you will like the book still despite it all.

To be honest, I really don't like to spoil people of the book's content, but hey, I'm also a reader and I can't help but to give people basic thoughts on what they're about to read. Anyway, do any of you mind to help me out on visualizing a Mont Blanc? If you might had read this book, I know you had come across to what this is, but still I haven't seen this happened in real life situations hence an image of something similar will be beneficial to help me visualize it clearly.

Nonetheless, if you haven't read this book I suggest you go immediately to your local library to read it. However if it isn't available you can actually buy it here or even download it here so you can read it as well.

Happy reading!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

View on Pre-electioneering campaign

There are a lot of things that I really hated about Philippine Politics, and I think enumerating it here would do me no good at all since it would be a waste of time to talk about. More so a lot of people who surfs the internet hated politics as the main topic so I'd just make this post nice and sweet (in irony of course).

What to say about this country's political domain? If I say that this country had a lot of unqualified political aspirants on highly coveted public positions would it mean that I'm generalizing or am I just seeing the transparent fact? If I say that almost all unqualified political aspirants are power-hungry corrupt tyrants, would I be lying if I said that indeed it's true and irrevocable otherwise? More so, if I also state that most of those good politicians this country had were easy tempted by anything provided there is money, power and influence involved would you believe me?

Well, I can't honestly prove these accusations right now despite this is already a known fact, but I can somehow provide concrete examples of these instances. However, let me get to my point straight first before this goes off topic. Right now "pre-electioneering" is starting to occur in this country despite the next national elections that would happen two (2) years from now. It seems that their wasting their money or better yet placed as people's money from taxes just for their faces to be seen on television commercials giving greetings for successful graduates, endorsing products so that their name and faces may be seen in print and billboard etcetera, etcetera. This is already happening and it's really quite disturbing. Why wouldn't these politicians start acting and do their basic jobs in making and enacting laws rather than showing their faces on television screens endorsing detergents and whitening pills! Would that help in improving the impoverished condition of the country or would that help them boost their public appearance to gather enough votes in the position that they’re aspiring?

Next point that I need to holler out is really the most nut-cracking news that I ever heard this week. Manny Pacquiao again is running for congress next elections! My God, didn't he learned that a lot of his Gen San constituents and a lot of Filipinos doesn't want him to be seated in any public office. What in the world would a non-lawyer or a non-degree holder in legal management and similar courses do in congress? Sit? Stare? Doodle? Yes, provided he now bears the high school equivalent diploma, that is not even enough to make and pass a bill that is highly written in English.

Okay, I understand his ideology on helping a lot of people, and he can do that without even being elected as congressman, but please never run in a corrupt and filthy position that the government offers. Being a congressional representative isn't a sign of stature in life in this country, it's a sign of corruption and I don't want to see your good name being bastardized and scandalized by it!

Filipinos wants reform, and I think reformation of the government would only happen if all the masses would vote for qualified nominees and not artists, athletes, singers, etcetera, etcetera, that doesn't have any degree and background on any pre-law courses, nor not even a lawyer. What will happen if these popular people again would be elected? Who would run the government? They're leech advisers? For heaven sake, I can't bear another one president seated for only two years, deposed, and now a convict for a crime everyone knows that he might have participated in but doesn't have full knowledge about it. More so, I can't bear another usurper to be the next president.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Activists against Oil Price Hike: Opinion

Okay, this would be a super small rant post. I just need to voice out my opinion on this topic to soothe my annoyed nerves.

First and foremost issue to spare, a small (in)famous third world country like the Philippines, naturally doesn't produce oil for its consumption. Everybody knows this, this is a fact! Philippines doesn't have oil for consumption that is why it commissioned foreign explorer and discoverer to check whether there are oil reservoir in this country. Since this country doesn't have oil to use, ALL OIL COMPANIES STATIONED IN THIS COUNTRY IMPORTS ITS PRODUCTS for their consumers to use. So why do these activists force these companies to cut their prices down? Are these activists thinking or what? FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, THESE COMPANIES ARE ONLY BUYING THEIR COMMODITY ON THE WORLD MARKET, SO WHY PUT THE BLAME ON THEM!

If you activists wished that these oil prices would go down GO ON THE OIL PRODUCING COUNTRIES AND RALLY THERE. They're the one's imposing the price so GO THERE! Release all your grievances there. Period.

Second issue, if you activists hoped that these oil prices would somehow go down, demand the usurper's government TO REMOVE THE TAXES AND THE ROYALTIES IT TAKES FROM THESE PRODUCTS and see its effects on the whole economy as well.

Now I rest my case. You all make proper conclusions on this world problem.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Manny: Champion Again?!

Manny Pacquiao Won Again? Urgh! I just hate it! I honestly really do hate it if he won any boxing competition!

I hate him to win not because I hate him personally or what, but because every time he won all the necessary issues that needs addressing and answers are always set aside for the euphoria brought about by his success!

I as well do like him to win his bouts against his adversaries, but after that it's over. I don't want him to be treated like a hero that most Filipinos would think of; the kind of hero that would help them through all their ups and downs and alleviate their sufferings, when in fact every time he wins his bouts every national issues are forgotten and eclipsed by his triumph, until it is well forgotten by most Filipinos themselves.

Now what, will the issues pertaining to national problems be resolved? For example, the food shortage? Will his winning in the said sport bring about as many foods as before to the platters of the poor? Another thing, will this triumph against his adversary make the oil prices drop until each and every Filipinos suffering from it would be free from their burden? Will his success cause all those missing bodies in the sea to be found? No right.

Hence, I just hope that the euphoria would not extend to become like a festivities again that spanned for more than months covered by each national televisions. I just hope that Filipinos would wake up and snap to it early and go out and find the solutions to their own problems with their own hands.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Product Currently Available

Below is a preview of a product currently available on the market. I do hope you find time to check it out and it would be best if you would acquire a piece or two of the said product I currently will host on here every now and then.

2(x)ist Underwear No Show Brief

2(x)ist Underwear No Show Brief

A low rise brief with a preformed pouch front and elastic waistband. 100% Cotton. Machine wash. Imported.

Thanks for your patience in my endeavor. Please buy from here to help me out.

Universal Studios Burned!

universal studiosUniversal Studios found in California State, famous for its world renowned movies and theme park, met some catastrophic accident early yesterday at around 4:43 am. The theme park which hosted replicas of some famous places like New York streetscape, the Wisteria Lane of the Desperate Housewives, the King Kong theme park attraction, Jurrasic Park and other areas including some studios where most Hollywood filmmakers shoot their creations was burned to ashes. Official report from the company itself suggests that the unfortunate event that had occurred to the Universal Studio was caused by accident and it was not intentional. According to them it would take days to assess the damage that was caused by the blaze, but it’s still business as usual.

The fire that had engulfed most of the studios, replicas, theme parks, and video and film reserves took about 12 hours before it was declared fire out. However since the fire was contained only on the back lot of the 400 acres area of the Hollywood’s famous studios, it hadn’t affected the 30 sound stages that according to the management of the Universal Studios would be too expensive to be rebuilt.

It’s really sad not just for the whole movie industry but the viewing fans itself who would love to come one day to the said studio to see for real the place where most movie makers film their creations. Let’s just hope that a thorough inquiry will be done to assess who had caused the fire and file proper legal action to him or her, and that the incident would never happen the third time.

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