Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Universal Studios Burned!

universal studiosUniversal Studios found in California State, famous for its world renowned movies and theme park, met some catastrophic accident early yesterday at around 4:43 am. The theme park which hosted replicas of some famous places like New York streetscape, the Wisteria Lane of the Desperate Housewives, the King Kong theme park attraction, Jurrasic Park and other areas including some studios where most Hollywood filmmakers shoot their creations was burned to ashes. Official report from the company itself suggests that the unfortunate event that had occurred to the Universal Studio was caused by accident and it was not intentional. According to them it would take days to assess the damage that was caused by the blaze, but it’s still business as usual.

The fire that had engulfed most of the studios, replicas, theme parks, and video and film reserves took about 12 hours before it was declared fire out. However since the fire was contained only on the back lot of the 400 acres area of the Hollywood’s famous studios, it hadn’t affected the 30 sound stages that according to the management of the Universal Studios would be too expensive to be rebuilt.

It’s really sad not just for the whole movie industry but the viewing fans itself who would love to come one day to the said studio to see for real the place where most movie makers film their creations. Let’s just hope that a thorough inquiry will be done to assess who had caused the fire and file proper legal action to him or her, and that the incident would never happen the third time.

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Rachel said...

Last time there was a fire there, it was deemed as arson. I wonder if this one was too.