Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Just finished watching the telecast of "Playing it straight", wherein Jackie, a midwestern girl would choose a guy from the large pool of gorgeous-looking men both straight and gay. The game proper is this: She would choose only one and at stake is the 1 million dollars. The rules are simple: if a straight guy is the last man standing, the couple splits the money. However, if a gay guy fools his way to the finish line, he leaves $1 million richer, and Jackie empty-handed. And to think this was far more difficult since these gays were not the stereotypical types one would see, but more of a metrosexual men. Gosh, see how they did it!

However in the finale, there were only 3 left (Chris, Banks, & Sharif) at the "sizzling saddle". No body knew who's who except from themselves. And poor Jackie should make a decision on who to choose. A tough decision, since she's emotional attached to them. But she did a choice and chose "Banks" the one who had his arms broken in "bunong braso", which is of course a straight male. Within the 3 finalist, there was only 1 gay included which was chris.

Monday, May 23, 2005

on learning

I never learned. Yes, I never learned.

For damn long years, I would end this way,

empty-handed, nothing at my grasp,

like a fragile bottle with only air inside.

I like to weep but my eyes are dry.

I like to shout but my voice don't resound.

I like to sprint but my feet are calloused.

I like to go peacefully but I'm always restrained.

Friday, May 20, 2005


I feel lost,

no where to run,

and no where to go

I feel all alone

struggling for my survival

in a tranquil world

static, narcissistic

my soul's tired

and I long wish to retire

to end this tumult

I feel inside

and surrender

to the fading night

never to wake again.

Apathy, is what I see

everytime light butt-in

and all I feel is being alone

just me alone

grappling for my existence

until the night comfort my dying soul.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Your wise quote is: "Reality bites with a
variety of sizes of teeth"(-Tony Follari)
As a person, you think life is just plain
painful, horrible and everything else you don't
like. Happy people confuse you. Alot. I mean,
why are they so happy anyway? You are depressed
and perhaps utterly alone and live life rather
montone. You feel there is no reason to really
be here and feel helpless.

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Saturday, May 7, 2005

My Final Say...

Lost with the trickling hourglass like an unseeing man

grappling to nowhere in the midst of everything,

wandering about but in no particular direction.

Curse the fate that caused this prolonged misery!

This may be the end; an ode to my final fight

against this deviant emotion and truthful reality.

Bless my decision o Lord! Bade me your knowledge,

and free me from this lies I had believed for a long time

Set my spirit free in the wilderness above.

No more harness, and no more pretensions

just truth and light-headedness that I wish I had

if not for these brandished words...

Tuesday, May 3, 2005

I Hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Darn... the fuck... someone's accessing my friendster account... to think i had just logged to it early this morning... and now when i checked it again... i sent a friend request to an organization GCcians FULL - a school located in NEUVA ECIJA!!!!! I hate it... darn... darn HER. to all those classmates of mine in BOTANY, you know who she was... check her account... the fuck... yung gigantic shrek look-a-like!!!