Wednesday, January 31, 2007

daniel radcliffe goes oh my...

Is it career move or what? The little boy wizard we all know as "harry potter" now shows off some skin. Oh wait not just some skin... ehmm... you all know what I mean.

Oh my gosh... the truth is, he's definitely sizzling hot for a 17 years old boy. Let's wait some more years and see if he would do some more of this kind of flicks.

I think the title of this post should be: boy wonder turns sex symbol... Harry Potter won't be the same again in my view.

Here are the some of the photos in

Anyway, I'm not from UK so I don't know what this Equus stage play is all about. Though we (harry potter fans) all know that this is a career move done by Daniel, it doesn't necessarily mean that we need to type-cast him (Daniel) as the living counterpart of Harry Potter. More so, it doesn't necessarily mean that we need to feel terribly disgusted on it, and speculate that he's running out for more money. The Harry Potter series will end, but Daniel's life would still continue on. Let's just respect his own decisions for that matter, and if you're really his fan: support him in whatever endeavor he might take in the near future.

middle child syndrome

I've been thinking lately about what was wrong with my psychological make-up.
I don't even know why I feel terribly empty, lonely, and unhappy. I know something
is wrong, yet even if I'd been conferred with a psychological degree I still can't
determine what is it. And for some reason, I misdiagnose myself to be having a depressed
state, or even having anorexia nervosa, for most of the symptoms are prevalently
prominent. More so, most of the time, I think there's something that is missing in
my life, and that I wanted to search for it.

Before a clinical psychologist told me, that I looked more as a patient and not
as a junior practinioner in the field. And you know what? I feel that it is true.
Conflicts that are more likely unresolved surges back
which caughts me off ground. If these things could just be explained by a single
syndrome then more likely it is "Middle Child Syndrome".

Middle child syndrome from the traditional psychological point of view, does not exist.
No such theory in psychology dealt with such syndrome. Only characteristics of being
a middle child, be it positive or negative characteristics or traits, and a middle
child's constant struggles to gain attention. Yet no one ever described that being a
middle child you need to become a loner, an underachiever, and have an unhappy view
about life.

Of course, I say so all these, because I'm a middle child. And being in my position
is not as good as it seems. Yes, I can have both worlds, both of the extremes, yet
the truth is, I can only earn or grab a part of it and not the entirety of both extremes. And most of the time, I feel that I am neglected. Why? Because my big brother is my father's favorite, and my younger brother being my mother's favorite. So where am I going to place myself? I just can't push my way through to get their attention. So my possible escape from such thing is to go away, shut myself from their existence.

It's not nice, but it's the only way for me not to feel the pain. Yet by doing so
many psychological problems arise covering up the main root. By moving away, I feel more secure, but with no outlet what so ever, to pour out all my feelings. By moving away, I learn not to trust people, for some simple reason, they're just like my parents - untrustful. By moving away, my life changed and now the emptiness that I described fills me in. With such action that I did, i felt unhappy.

Now may be that explains it; why I can't find anything that would make me happy and contented. May be it can also explain why I can't achieve something worth it, even though for some it's already a great achievement.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

grand alumni homecoming

Dear UST Psychology Alumnus,

The College of Science will have a Grand Alumni Homecoming this February 2007 as it celebrates its 80th year of continuous pursuit of Excellence (Please see details of the event on the attached Formal Invitation).

I would like to invite all alumni (BS Psychology Graduates from 1925-2006!) to this event. Please invite your classmates too and make it a wonderful and fruitful reunion for BS Psych graduates!

Let us go back to our HOME and reunite with our friends and mentors!

Halina't mag-BALIK AGHAM!


Board Member, Association of Thomasian Psychology Alumni

University of Santo Tomas

I've received this email and it excites me to hear that there will be an alumni homecoming in the college that I once belong. However, what i don't like about it was the fact that I need to reunite with my former ehem... mentors. (are they?) I still can't forget about how some so called "mentors" treated us grimly and ruefully, especially with the department that I once been under. I just like to meet with my former classmates and friends not them (mentors)... hay...

unresolved thoughts...

I've got so much to say, yet i'm devoid of words to spare. I just don't know how am I
going to make a concise compilation of all the experiences that I had these past days. Anyway to start of:

Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you believe in visions?

Well, what if I said I believe on them? Would you think it's absurd? Or would you think that I'm out of my mind? It depends, right? It depends if you believe in supernatural phenomenon or not. But why am I inserting such thoughts in my blog? Because, for some reason I've now seen the whole image of the ghost or poltergeist that roams around the house. It's not just the ordinary fast movement of an unknown white matter, but an exact figure of a female standing.

The truth is, it's so scary, for she appeared in my dreams. She's fair in complexion and tall. She stands right behind the closed door. She has a wavy hair, similar with
sadako/samara in The Ring, yet she doesn't go out of the television screen. She just
stands there. I walked towards her to ask what she's been doing there and to my surprise a pair of scary eyes appeared and a skeletal hands started reaching me... That's until my father woke me up.

The next thought that I'm pondering about was the so called "middle child" syndrome.
Yet my ideas are not yet finalized about it.

The last thought the passed through my mind... my future... medicine or nursing what or what?

Am I still making sense? Hay...

Friday, January 12, 2007

a song for the broken hearted...

Just take a while to listen and watch this song by Nina (a local singer from our country). If you have been deeply in-love with a person and suddenly been left alone, this song is for you.

Lyrics and content wise, this song mirrors the entirety of a person been left alone, and that person's struggle to move on after such a heart-breaking experience.

If you wish to read first the lyrics, just continue reading this post. For a snippet
here's the chorus:

Someday someone’s gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday someone’s gonna take your place
One day I’ll forget about you
You'll see, I won't even miss you
Someday someday

by nina

Someday you’re gonna realize
One day you’ll see this through my eyes
By then I won’t even be there
I’ll be happy somewhere
Even if I cared

I know you don’t really see my worth
You think you’re the best guy on earth
Well I’ve got news for you
I know I’m not that strong
But it won’t take long
Won’t take long

Someday someone’s gonna love me
The way I wanted you to need me
Someday someone’s gonna take your place
One day I’ll forget about you
You'll see, i won't even miss you
Someday someday

Right now I know you can tell
I’m down and I’m not doing well
But one day these tears they will all run dry
I won’t have to cry, sweet goodbye

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

at a blank state

Since I'm stil devoid of thoughts to post for this year, I just surfed around the internet (though still very slow due to the damaged fiber optics in Taiwan) to find some interesting stuffs to post, and luckily i found some stuffs that i can post. Please bear with it for i do feel that some people might be offended because it's a crap thing. Just click the permalink to see what it is.

Anyway, a month had already passed after I took the NMAT exams, and now I'm still hoping that I can surpass my previous percentile rank. Upto now I'm still waiting for it so wish me luck, and pray for me for this is yet another turning point in my life.

So here are the blog things...

Who is your famous boyfriend? (for gurlz and gay guys only.)

Jesse McCartney
he's young, innocent, blonde and sexy... dang, wat else is there to be said? nothing except, he can sing, he can act... hes just AWESOME
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Isn't it sweet... haha... It's jesse mccartney!!!

And here is the other one:

what type of guy are you?


Normal Guy
your just your avrage joe going threw life normal and dont notice your hottness.
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