Thursday, November 15, 2007

Care Home Search at Better Caring

Finding a registered health practitioner this day, is not as easy as what others perceives it to be. Yes, there may be a surplus of supply for health care practitioners in the far east Asia, but how about in Europe, particularly in the United Kingdom? With all due respect, as I had seen it in the news lately, most health care practitioners in the United Kingdom who migrated there just to serve a lot of individuals needing help, weren't allowed anymore by the government to continue their working visas after their contract expires. So this clearly states that even if there were high supply of health care practitioners who can and willing to serve on care homes only few can serve up to the demand needed by Great Britain itself, more so other European countries. Hence, where can a person in need of practical help for their loved ones find what their looking for?

If I weren't mistaken, there were only few nursing homes and care homes left now to serve the people that were already out of the working bracket of the population. Meaning that these people, that clearly needs professional help, were the ones who can't take care of themselves anymore (i.e. the elderly), therefore they tend to seek out trained professionals for the said job (i.e. nurses, care givers, and therapist). However it isn't easy to look for a trained professional, more so it isn't advisable to just pick up someone from the neighborhood and ask them to look over your precious loved one. Thus here comes a solution for the said problem; head out to Better Caring and check it out to see if it can help you in answering the practical problems you encounter while taking care of your precious loved ones.

But what is Better Caring, and how can it help an individual seeking for professional help?

Better Caring is a website designed to help ease people in finding the necessary care that they needed for their loved ones. Better Caring incorporates in their easy to navigate website tips on how you can necessary take care of your loved ones without seeking for a trained professional. More over, they provide useful links if ever you encounter a grave problem while taking care of you precious loved ones. In addition to these, the said site also offers arrangement in finding a good and registered trained professional if ever you really needed one. They store in their website a database of registered nursing and caring homes available, hence minimizing your doubts whether the professional you had employed really can took proper care to your loved ones. You can also log-in to their community and share your thoughts and experiences with other fellow members who opted to use the services provided by the said site.

This easy to use website can clearly cut out the irksome and tedious process of searching over the yellow pages for a nursing home with a good reputation. More so can ease out your problem of going through your local social service, with which you needed to file the necessary documents the said agency needed prior to help you out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Philippine Congress Explosion

Breaking news today. According to ABS-CBN News, an explosion happened in the Philippine Congress sending about more than 8 individuals, inclusive of which were 3 congressmen, to the nearest hospital (Malvar Hospital). The said explosion, according to the news, happened around 8:00 p.m. GMT.

Initial reports says that the explosion is still under investigation, and that the National Police hadn't released yet their official statement for the said incident. However, reports claims that Rep. Luz Ilagan of party-list group Gabriela was one of the casualties of the said incident. The said representative according to the breaking news might had suffered shrapnel injuries in the legs, while Congressman Ilagan's driver Marcial Talbo, died in the said blast.

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Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Garage flooring

The garage flooring in our house, to be honest, is just plain simple concrete, and there's actually no reason to brag about it. My parents, so wished to make the entire flooring made of tiles but unfortunately tiles are quite costly to the extent that buying it will cause the monthly budget suffer, hence they just let it as it is.

By looking at all the available garage flooring here, I'm quite shocked to see that they sell cheap tiles and flooring, good enough not to bruise the monthly budget our family have. So if there will be time I'm going to suggest this to my parents so as they can decide whether our garage needs a new look or better yet improvement from its current state, and while they're deciding on it, we might also include professional epoxies so as to protect them

Where does the 500,000 Philippine pesos really came from?

Deputy Speaker Amelita Villarosa, the party's regional head, said that the P500,000 individually distributed to administration allies were sourced from KAMPI’s assistance fund.

I really don't understand why these so-called elected politicians brag about the 500,000 Philippine pesos cash gift to them. Truth be told, accepting cash gift or any another form of tangible gifts are prohibited in this country, and up to now their still arguing about its origin. This is really such a shame since, its been publicly done under the MalacaƱang Palace, the place where the highest official resides. So definitely what goes inside the said place, that person (the president) knows, right?

How ridiculous it would be if the public officials that you had elected play around with words, and state that no, the president doesn't know anything about it, just to cover her up on another scandal boiling up. So what happened if you received the said cash gift and you're just an independent candidate and not affiliated with KAMPI? Where does this money originated from? From KAMPI or the League of Governors or from another source?
She said that the funds were intended for medical missions and funerals. She also said that the amounts given varied. She said some congressmen receiving amounts as low as P5,000.

So again, politician do intend to fool a lot of their constituents right? Funds can only be given, if I wasn't mistaken to treasurers of the different municipalities, and not the governing congressman and governors themselves. And frankly speaking, it's quite dubious since the money was dissimenated prior to baranggay elections? So do you think we're going to catch your lousy explanations?

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Christmas shopping...

Tired of the usual Christmas rush where you run after certain store to another store just to get a good deal on the items that you specifically need? Have you just wished that Black Friday retail was also available through online shopping so that you won't worry too much of waking up early in the morning just to drag yourself on a store but unfortunately found out that you were too late and ended up at rear end of a line? Too stressing right? Or what if you'd prepared yourself in advance and brought the items you needed to complete your Christmas list on a normal, regular day, with which, prices of a certain item were still at its original price? Too costly for your tight budget right?

Actually, only few people that I know does their shopping early prior the Black Friday. Most of the time they wait till some thanksgiving ads be advertised prior to computing their budget to acquire the item they need. However most of the time these kinds of advertisements tend to appear the day before Black Friday. Quite too late actually, thus, most people that I know tend to be a part of the so-called "Christmas Rush", where a lot of people gather together on a certain retailed store or establishment just to buy the item that they need for their Christmas list.

Even I myself does that, and you can just imagine the stress that I'm going through when I need to go to a certain mall where a lot of people had been tightly squeezing themselves just to grab the necessary thing that we need for the occasion. Truth be told, I still doesn't have a certain item for the said season up to now, and I'm wishing that may be I could just shop them online. But prices are still high up to this very moment, and chances are, that after the said season, I'll end up broke if I brought them, hence I'm waiting for the Black Friday (last week of November) to come so as for me to buy all the things that I want.

Actually, by just browsing over at Google, I ended up on a site named Black Friday, a site that gives out information on the retailed prices available on Black Friday. The said site is quite handy since, I don't need to rush over to different stores just to check out the prices available. The said site is really quite convenient, and I thank God, for discovering it.

Monday, November 5, 2007


I'm a Spice Girls fan, to be honest, and I so love listening to their songs before when they released their first and second albums, Spice and Spice World. I, more so, enjoyed watching their videos. But when they disbanded as a group I felt saddened, because one of my all time favorite girl group will never be back, yet I'm still hopeful that they will reunite.

And that day had been fulfilled; they reformed as a group, all five of them (Mel B, Mel C, Geri, Emma, and Victoria), and had released their latest video, Headlines (Friendship Never Ends), which will be included in their much awaited greatest hits album. All the proceeds for the latest single, if I wasn't mistaken will be for the benefit of BBC Children in Need, according to BBC Press Office.

Listen and watch the new single of Spice Girls, Headlines (Friendship Never Ends), and I wish you'll all like it, as much as I do. Though, this song isn't comparable to the previous songs of the Spice Girls, it's still pleasurable to listen to.

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