Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Where does the 500,000 Philippine pesos really came from?

Deputy Speaker Amelita Villarosa, the party's regional head, said that the P500,000 individually distributed to administration allies were sourced from KAMPI’s assistance fund.

I really don't understand why these so-called elected politicians brag about the 500,000 Philippine pesos cash gift to them. Truth be told, accepting cash gift or any another form of tangible gifts are prohibited in this country, and up to now their still arguing about its origin. This is really such a shame since, its been publicly done under the MalacaƱang Palace, the place where the highest official resides. So definitely what goes inside the said place, that person (the president) knows, right?

How ridiculous it would be if the public officials that you had elected play around with words, and state that no, the president doesn't know anything about it, just to cover her up on another scandal boiling up. So what happened if you received the said cash gift and you're just an independent candidate and not affiliated with KAMPI? Where does this money originated from? From KAMPI or the League of Governors or from another source?
She said that the funds were intended for medical missions and funerals. She also said that the amounts given varied. She said some congressmen receiving amounts as low as P5,000.

So again, politician do intend to fool a lot of their constituents right? Funds can only be given, if I wasn't mistaken to treasurers of the different municipalities, and not the governing congressman and governors themselves. And frankly speaking, it's quite dubious since the money was dissimenated prior to baranggay elections? So do you think we're going to catch your lousy explanations?

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