Thursday, November 30, 2006

hotmail turned 1GB

I've checked my Hotmail account today, and guess what? My email storage capacity turned upto 1000 megabytes, roughly about 1 gigabyte like my Yahoo! account. I'm so, so blessed... yipeee... I remember before that microsoft only offers 2.5 megabytes of storage to free users and if you wanted to have extremely bigger storage capacity you need to acquire it by paying to microsoft a monthly due. But now, they're offering 1 gigabyte of storage to free accounts! Such a good move to the team of microsoft, keep it up!

Anyway to compare different free web-based e-mail services available, here are the list of my currently working e-mail service providers:

1. Kittymail - storage capacity: 10 MB

2. Hotmail - storage capacity: 1000 MB / 1 GB

3. Yahoo! Mail - storage capacity: 1 GB

4. Gmail - storage capacity: 2.7 GB (and counting!)

5. Lycos Mail - storage capacity: 3 GB

There's the list... if you have problems on storage capacity then I suggest Gmail from the choice, for they're currently still increasing their storage capacities. Or better yet choose lycos instead. By the way I've heard that there was an email service provider that offers terrabyte (don't know the spelling, sorry) storage capacity, you also need to check it out.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sleeping problem

I can’t sleep tonight, not that I’m suffering from another insomnia attack, but because I’m always barking… ehem… barking wildly, like a mad dog. I’m so sick of it. I’ve been suffering for 3 days already from it. Hay, it started just last Sunday after I felt an itching sensation in my throat. Aside from this, another reason was when I try to sleep sideways (which normally is my sleeping position), I can’t breathe normally. I feel that my swollen sinus blocks my nostrils leading to lack of oxygen intake in my body. Even if I take a lot of medications and employ water therapy it’s still not effective.

I have contracted a virus! But where did I get it? Where? Where? Wherreeeeeee? In a computer shop, Netopia to be exact, the internet cafĂ© in Dapitan. I had recalled that when I rented a computer (since I was not at home, and home is too far away from school), I was stationed in between two high school students, and one of them was always sniffing and apologizing even though the sniffing sound he makes was inaudible. I thought, though that it was his mannerism but nooooooo, he was already spreading the virus in a closed air-conditioned room. And since I’m in close proximity to him I easy contracted the virus.

Damn, now I’m always sniffing, because of a runny nose, always barking because of an inflamed tonsil straining my vocal muscles, and I’m always sneezing, every two to five minutes interval. Make a cure for cough and colds please… not just some medications that treat them and after which you’re going to have them again.

By the way, I've watched a photosession of an aspiring male model (can't include pictures though sorry), and an absurd idea struck me on why some masculine male ends up looking gay-ish in such photosessions. What was prominent and visible in it was that, some inexperienced make-up artist, wardrobe consultant and hair stylist appeared to imbue their concept in the model; hence the adulteration of the masculine persona. So it ends here. Good night everyone.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

view on impoliteness of security guards

Have you ever been accused of the silliest thing in your life? Well, I just do! I just can't understand why some security guards meddle into people's businesses, as if I'm one sort of a terrorist trying to find some civilian victims for my quest to kill them. I just hated the feeling. I know you will all disagree with me, and think that I'm just over-reacting, but no I'm not over-reacting to the situation. I do understand that it's their work to protect the people inside the premises their stationed to, and it's their obligation to ask people why they are there and for what business matter. However, why can't some security guards be more polite and humble in asking questions? Just imagine the situation that I've been: "Ba't palagi kang nandito? Saan ka pupunta? Anong gagawin mo?" In English, why are you always here? Where are you going? What's the purpose of your visit? I, always there everyday of the week! That's the most ridiculous accusation I've got from a security guard in a university, especially in the university where I have taken my under-graduate course, University of Santo Tomas!

I just don't know if I'm going to laugh at him, or exhibit my rage at his impoliteness. But I took the former action and inhibit my rage, even if I really wanted to. But his question still lingered in my head, on how did he say that I'm always there everyday. I recalled that I've been there only 3 times including now. The first was on November 6, 2006, when I went to the College of Science and asked for the signatory of the dean for my application form for NMAT (National Medical Admissions Test). The second time was supposed to be the following day, to get my good moral certification from the said college, but I skipped on their schedule, and instead I took it on November 24, 2006. (That day, I've also encountered another impolite security guard on the same location and same spot. I just don’t know if it was the same person.) And now, was my third time to be back, so why accuse me of always being there!

If this situation occurred again, (because I believe in the saying that if a certain thing happened the second time, it will likely to happen the third time) I will be more assertive on my right as an alumnus, and report any of the security guards that's impolite, and imprudent, and have them to be dismissed of their duty. I may be harsh, but that's just the right thing to do. Being compassionate doesn't entail that they would change for the better and be polite, and respectful to anybody, whether a student, a staff, or an alumnus of the university.

Anyway, as I promised on my previous post, I'll attach the picture of the cutie I've seen, so here it is:

One Stop Health Shop

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Moreover if you're a sports enthusiast and wanted to search for the best supplemental drinks available to improve your stamina or health, you can also check their site, they also offer such drinks only found in the drug stores.

If you're wondering if they offer discounts, they do! Order a volume of merchandise from them and they'll give you discounts, exactly as what you're looking for.

Friday, November 24, 2006

back again...

photos: courtesy of

I'm back at my alma mater. The truth is I'm so excited of going back so as to finish the processing of my fucking application form for medicine. (Guess what I'm already delayed for a year!) I said fucking because it's so tiring to go from one building to another just to pay, file, and process it. I just couldn't comprehend on whether why the attendant can't accept payment and that she directed me to the accounting office a building away from them. (The building attached is where they house the accounting office, and the college that I belong.)

Anyway, I could have enjoyed my stay if the pest-of-a-guard didn't asked me why am I going back and forth to the said building. Imagine he said: Bro, anong bang ginagawa mo sa loob?" (In english: Bro, what are you doing inside?) Duh, I'm so tired and so pissed off then someone would ask me such a question in a no-so-humble way that I felt that I'm-one-sort-of-a-terrorist plotting my way on how am I going to put some explosives in the said building. Grrr.... Hence, I didn't answer back, I just showed him the papers that I was holding and never said a fucking word, for I might spill out my rage over him.

Just as I finished paying and I went back to the medicine building, that I found out that a meeting was held after I went out to pay. The urgency of the said meeting was not disclosed; hence I need to wait for sometime just to get my papers done. Hello... I'm just so tired of walking and climbing stairs then now what wait... wait... wait... (oh, students are not allowed to use the elevators. such a cruelty!)

At least I've seen some cutie also waiting. same college that I belong to, but in a lower batch. (I'm going to attach his picture some other time... without him knowing of course!) Well, I understand that he was looking over me, trying to refresh his memory on who-the-hell-was I. But me, oh well, the still haggared me trying to fan my way to get some refreshement. He didn't asked of course because for all I know, lower batches believe that I'm sort of a not so friendly person. Oh, forget it. Facial features can deceive sometimes right? Anyway, I cannot continue anymore... that's the end I think...

Thursday, November 23, 2006

950 billion dollars richer!

950 Billion dollars! Is it true, the Marcos’ were even richer than the richest man the whole world has ever produced, Bill Gates? If the news here in the Philippines was true, that a German Bank account was found under the Marcos Family, then whoa, I just don’t know what to say. It can pay the country’s debt in the World Bank!

For those who don’t know the Marcos Family, then I may give a little background on them. Mr. Marcos (Ferdinand) was the former president of the Philippines. He was married to Imelda Marcos, a lady who overly spends a lot of money for shoes, bags, jewelry, and clothes embedded with precious stones. (She was called the “steel butterfly” out of extravagance). Mr. Marcos headed the country and promised to make Philippines a great country, while Mrs. Marcos headed the cultural prosperity of the country. Their family ruled more than the rightful term a president of the Philippines should have. Being a chief of staff, Mr. Marcos gained control of the country through a military junta; hence his term reached 20 long years. Under the said dictatorship era of the Philippines, it was alleged that they took most of what the treasury has to offer. Luxurious trips here and there, whilst killing over there, and human rights violations all around the place.

When the time came that Sen. Aquino, father of Ms. Kris Aquino, decided to go back to the Philippines for good, and was assassinated, the Marcos’ rule ended, and with them mostly all the riches that the Philippines had ever produced (mostly taxes). Hence, now the race for the money started.

3 presidents already left their post but still the money uncovered were not as half as what they believed the Marcos’ had taken. Million dollar account were found to be deposited in the Swiss Bank and was believed to have been laundered already to their heirs’ accounts. Unfortunately there was no evidence whatsoever that it was laundered or ever a Swiss account existed. The Swiss Account itself was billions of dollars, and now another account found – could they verify that such thing exist? You be the judge and rate the truth of the said matter.

Check ABS-CBN’s website for the said news.

For now, I state my opinion if there really were different accounts under the Marcos’ present proofs for it’s not nice to accuse somebody of these and that but the said allegations were not true.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas is here again!

Do you feel it the Christmas spirit? For this year, again, I think, I’m going to get away with it without even celebrating the season. I say so because I cannot feel the spirit, I cannot feel the same spirit as before when I was a child.

I’m not being materialistic and all, when it comes to celebrating the season. I do recall before that my family used to place some Christmas decorations like Snow Globesall over the house, just to brighten up the household, and for us to feel that the season is really coming. But now, that I’m old enough, do I still need to set-up the trees and place some good-old wrapped presents under it? Do I still need to place some Christmas lights over the linings of the house just to say to the passer-bys that Hey, where on Christmas season, we need to be jolly! Do I still need to buy the some Christmas balls, Angels, Cane Sticks and all, just to place all over the place? Do I still need to place some Christmas Socks on the wall (since we don’t have chimney) and pretend that Santa would fall down from the sky and place some presents in it?

I’m not being pathetic and all, but I know for now that the season only survives because of the materialism involved in it. Is it the real meaning of the season? Or the real reason of commemorating Christ birth was covered up by giving lots of presents and placing some decorations all over the place? I say, I still enjoy the past, where I pretend that Santa will come. And the truth was, I still enjoy decorating, but I think in a practical way now, and it’s not worth it.

My plans for Christmas this year, is just go to the church. I haven’t been back for some time for distrust on the leaders leading it, for the scandals involved and done by the priest, but I had not lost my faith. I need first to re-establish my connection with the omnipotent one, and maybe with that I can feel again the season that others now are craving to come.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

funny video

this is the only thing i'm going to post. just check it out. it's really funny!

on being open

What if you knew you were a part of a certain group, but you felt you don't belong to it? How would you respond to such surge of emotion? What if you knew it all along and just ignore the reality, that indeed it was happening, that you're just one of "out of place? What if the group you considered was a group of social ties but to them the opposite? What if your the only one thinking that it was a group you can find refuge but to them it was just nothing?

All these questions comes in to my mind everytime of the day. I just don't know why am I reflecting too much. I just don't bother all these kinds of questions before, but now its payback time, and every single opinion left unsaid makes it way out. My realizations seems bitter, and indeed really happening, people will only need me if I can give something that they need or want, after which, the end of the conversation. Nothing. Non-existent. I'm again left in that little corner that I have. My best friends will only call me if they need some thing from me, if they believe I have what they urgently needed. But what if it's the other way around? Would they be there? The answer: I'm busy right now. I'm tired, I'll just call you up. I'm sorry, I have not time for this. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah. Alibi. Nothing but Alibi was the only thing I could get.

The only thing that I'm thinking right now, they just don't know what I really feel. They believe that it was okay. They believe that I will remain gullible for them because I wanted to maintain that so-called bonding; that so-called friendship that was really non-existent in the begining. I just hate the crap and the idea of it all. I just hate it! Don't they realize that I'm not not blind to see what they really want from me. I'm not an idiot! So please, stop making me one!

This is the reality that I need to confront, being lonely and alone with best friends that was just a call a way but doesn't serve as an outlet to pour out my pent emotions.

Monday, November 20, 2006

on victor basa

after seeing this heavenly-crafted piece of art (i mean human) in the pages of some magazines, it came to my attention that this guy had what it takes to be one of the hottest teen/hunk stars in the industry. he got the looks, the style and the groove of not just a matinee idol but also as a good leading man

However, after surfing the net (and reading blogs) for almost seemingly an entire day, i had ended up in a blog where they claim that he is gay. I cannot stress however the accuracy of the context since the author quoted the text on another blog. If it is so, ooohhhh my gooollliieeee goooosshhh.... that can't be. That yummy hunk in the magazine is gay.... (uhmmm... i'm sorry i should rejoice more, yesss... : the first reaction should pertain to straight peeps out there...).

Moreover there where issues raised by the critique/writer dolly carvajal on her blind item that there was a hunk caught smooching another guy in bora. The author of the blog that i link here states so that it was him, yet he left a hanging question whether it's true or not. It's just for viewers and readers to decide on the issue until he, himself, victor basa makes his statement on his sexuality.

Anyway, still on the subject matter of gayness. There was a site dedicated in ranking filipino male celebrities who people perceived as faking their man-hood, macho type, heterosexual image. The site gets the ranking by votes made by its' visitors. At least victor basa was not included.

apologies for not commenting back

Hello readers...

I'm sorry if I can't comment back using my own tagboard. I just hate it when it says "cookies deactivated". I don't even know how it occured, but I know it happened when our computer changed it's motherboard for malfunctions, and reformated all the existing windows operating systems.

I do appreciate your comments, and all, yet how in the world could I tell you that indeed I appreciate it when I can't respond to it. Ooooh, if only I know how it would be fixed. Grrr... for, that's their major problem with the codes they give to the users. Anyway, enough of my such ridiculous rants, I need to finalize my layout on this blog, so just wait up until I get all the codes that I needed.

For some boxing fans out there, Manny Pacquiao won over Morales on their third bout on Las Vegas yesterday. I just don't know what to say whether I'm going to applaud for his success or be dismissive about it. Hey I'm not a boxing sports fan you know! However, the half of my blood-line says be proud of him, yet the other half, uh, never mind.... :)

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Flash Drives as gifts?

I was wondering what on the face of planet am I going to give away for this coming season. I was hoping not to waste a lot of money because I’m still dependent you know. Hence, I browsed the net for some potential gifts and found an interesting one – A flash drive.

Yet I’m still wondering if it would be worth it. I own a flash drive myself, and some of my friends own one as well. However, my flash drive and theirs were just the usual removable drives bought else where, the ordinary drive, with the producer’s name on it, and that’s it.

Nonetheless offers a flash drive wherein you can actually have your name or the person’s name you’re going to give it engraved. Engraved, and that is cool you know. No other store would do that to a certain removable drive for fear of damaging it, except for this one. I would like to imagine when it will be available in the Philippines. Hay, I hope they make it just in time.

This is what it looks like on their site:

thumb drives

Justin Timberlake - Future Sex/Love Sound

The thought of acquiring this second album thrilled me. However, when I heard all of the tracks in it, I felt that it doesn’t suit my personality and that I just don’t like the beat. It’s more of a club or disco sound having a slow beat, and accelerating at times. (I say it doesn’t fit my style because I’m not accustomed to hearing disco music).

On a lighter note, I enjoyed playing the carrier single of the album, “sexy back”, hence there is still a positive view on the album. More so, it’s great for Justin Timberlake to avert from the usual “pop-ish” (pop side of his songs) to a more mature kind of beat. Maybe that’s the reason for the album title.

If you also like the album, please acquire a copy at now.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Ipod for grabs

People now a days wants to get freebies over the internet in example an Ipod. Some may either go to online marketing by refering, others may buy it over the internet using their credit cards. But what if you don't have a credit card or no one has accepted your referral? That's really annoying right?

However, don't worry there is still a solution for owning an Ipod. See the link below, they give away free Ipod. Yes, free and all you need to do is sign-up or take a survey. That's it! It's simple. Try it now.

Get a Free iPod from Now!

Monday, November 6, 2006

today's feeling

i shall quote this one...

"...Don't know where she belongs, where she belongs.
She wants to go home, but nobody's home.
It's where she lies, broken inside.
With no place to go, no place to go to dry her eyes.
Broken inside..."

a foreigner's guide in courting a pinay (filipina)

These are the words that are so unique and loaded in meaning that they will never find a direct translation in the English language. Forget traditional dictionaries. Keep this!!!

1. Achuchu (A-chu-chu). This refers to the pointless insincerities being said during long, involved conversations about nothing at all.

2. Ano (A-noh). The all-around, all-purpose word for everything.

(1) Pronoun in interrogation: Ano? (What)

(2) Noun: Where is your ano? (Where is your father / mother / dead-uncle's-second-cousin)

(3) Verb: Anuhin this. (Paint/kill/maim/castrate this.)

(4) Adjective: This is so ano. (This is so pretty / big / astounding.)

(5) Interjection: Ano! (What the hell!)

(6) Substitute for genitalia: Did you ano your ano?

The use of ano is quite dangerous for the untrained ear, and must be put into the proper setting. "Honey, the ano is too long, we have to cut it," must be accompanied by the proper understanding of the context, as results may be critical to a couple's future.

3. Booba (boo-bah). A female blessed with larger than usual mammary glands, which can be used as weapons of mass destruction.

4. Checheboreche (Che-che-boh-re-che). Same as achuchu. It is interesting to ponder on the reason why there are so many words in the Filipino language that beautifully describe meaningless chatter.

5. Epal (Eh-pal). An individual who believes he is God.

6. Gigil (gee-gil). An uncontrollable desire to bite something.

7. Hipon (Hee-pon). Literally "shrimp," whose body is eaten while its head is thrown away, this refers to a female whose body is to die for and whose face looks like it belongs to the dead.

8. Kikay (kee-kay). Refers to individuals who carry a brush, hand wash, moisturizer, lip-gloss and various other facial enhancements in a case(aptly called a kikay kit) inside her bag. Recent inspections of various backpacks have led to the conclusion it is not a purely female trait. This breed cannot resist checking themselves out on mirrors, glass windows, bread knives, sidewalk puddles and plastic-covered notebooks.

9. Kaekekan (Ka-ek-e-kahn) Same as achuchu and chechebureche

10. Kilig (keel-leg). A rush of excitement due to the actions, presence or even mention of he whom you see as the future father of your children.

11. Laglag-brip (lag-lag-brip). The female counterpart of laglag-panti

12. Laglag-panti (lag-lag-pan-tee). A man so incredibly hot, so
heart-stoppingly gorgeous and oozing with masculinity that female underwear (whether worn by males or females) falls to the ground without effort whatsoever.

13. Indyanero (In-jan-neh-ro). An individual who fails to appear at an appointment without prior warning. Not to be confused with individuals who appear according to Filipino time (approximately 10 minutes before the meeting is to end)

14. Japorms (Jah-porms). Describes an individual dressed differently from the usual (typically involves clothes that have been laundered and pant legs of roughly the same length).

15. Lagot (Lah-got). A prophesy of evil things to come.

16. Para (Pah-rah). A term that informs the driver of a jeep to stop and pause (usually in the middle of the road) as the individual speaking intends to leave the vehicle. Dangerous for individuals as drivers seem to believe having one foot in the air is all that is necessary for descent.

17. Takusa (Ta-kuh-sa). Derived from takot sa asawa (afraid of wife), this is a term used to describe the silent (very silent) minority of males married to feminine reincarnations of Hitler.

18. Torpe (tore-peh). A gentleman who is desperately attracted to a female yet by some strange compulsion is reduced to a frozen mound of stuttering male whenever that female is near.

Armed with this list and a smile, you will be sure to make the proper impression not just on your new relations, but on your loved one as well.

Now let's practice:

"Honey, when I first saw you, I made laglag brip, and was almost torpe. When I finally got the nerve to date you, I almost became indyanero, because I didn't think I had the right japorms. When you're around, I'm kilig, when you're not, I get gigil. You may think all this is achuchu, kaekekan, just
checheboreche, but in truth, my love, I'm so ano with you."

How can apologies be accepted that easily?

I had observed that if something wrong was done to a particular person, there were instances where that person whole-heartedly accepts the apology of the wrong doer, while other times the opposite of it occurs. Why was it so?

Here were the situations; if the damage done was either replaceable, repairable, and the like, mostly tangible things, and then the former will be likely to occur. A person’s apology may likewise be accepted that easily. However, if the damage done to a particular person was not replaceable or repairable or any such things or words that revolve around the context of the two aforementioned words, and then most likely the latter will occur; the apology will not be accepted. A concrete example may be the dignity of the person harmed, his or her life, or any thing tangible or intangible that the harmed person deemed to be important and special to him or her.

Yet, it cannot also be ruled out, that this topic was subjective from the very beginning, and it still depends on the person harmed whether he or she will presumably accept apologies or not. Similarly, sincerity of the wrong-doer plays a vital role on the probability of being granted with forgiveness and pardon from the person harmed.