Monday, November 20, 2006

on victor basa

after seeing this heavenly-crafted piece of art (i mean human) in the pages of some magazines, it came to my attention that this guy had what it takes to be one of the hottest teen/hunk stars in the industry. he got the looks, the style and the groove of not just a matinee idol but also as a good leading man

However, after surfing the net (and reading blogs) for almost seemingly an entire day, i had ended up in a blog where they claim that he is gay. I cannot stress however the accuracy of the context since the author quoted the text on another blog. If it is so, ooohhhh my gooollliieeee goooosshhh.... that can't be. That yummy hunk in the magazine is gay.... (uhmmm... i'm sorry i should rejoice more, yesss... : the first reaction should pertain to straight peeps out there...).

Moreover there where issues raised by the critique/writer dolly carvajal on her blind item that there was a hunk caught smooching another guy in bora. The author of the blog that i link here states so that it was him, yet he left a hanging question whether it's true or not. It's just for viewers and readers to decide on the issue until he, himself, victor basa makes his statement on his sexuality.

Anyway, still on the subject matter of gayness. There was a site dedicated in ranking filipino male celebrities who people perceived as faking their man-hood, macho type, heterosexual image. The site gets the ranking by votes made by its' visitors. At least victor basa was not included.

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