Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rosetta Stone: Insight

I had actually been to this site before, when I was trying to find resource materials for the 3rd language I'm previously studying. The said site offers Rosetta Stone, which, I believe was a resource educational tool that would help individuals who yearn to learn not just English as a primary language but other language as well.

If I wasn't mistaken, Rosetta Stone software incorporates different learning techniques in order for an individual to master the language he or she had chosen to study. The concept of including in the software the right pronunciation, intonation, and diction of a certain word or phrase really could help a certain individual to fully grasp the dynamic language he or she had picked to acquire. The concept really, no offense, to the developers, was great, however, I cannot say that it would become an effective tool for comprehension, since it's just a software there's no personal interaction involved in it. Yes, it may help facilitate faster learning on a certain language, however using the said software as a means of replacement for qualified instructors, I don't think it can help that much, since users might just end up memorizing the contents of the entire software.

This software would be beneficial to an individual, despite it's high cost, only if this was used side by side with a professional instructor more so, in an environment with personal interaction involved. All I'm saying is this is a good product definitely to be acquired and used as a resource or reference material for those who really wanted to learn faster in a modular way.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mark Cortez reveals his long time secret.

Every actor in this country, as we all know reaches a point where they were intrigued of being a female-hearted male, and we all know most of them just shrugs them of, deny them or just let the issue die; just like what this actor now gracing this page did previously. This actor, a product of a television reality search, TV Idols, aired previously on the now dissolved show MTB, was accused of being a gay, and he vehemently denied such accusations causing the said issue to die. However, table turns and the issue resurfaces, hence, yesterday the said actor became true to himself and revealed his long time secret; that indeed he was gay. Read news here

There is no harm actually in being true to yourself, more so, admitting that you're indeed gay. However, the next question that should be address here was: Will he be accepted whole-heartedly by the same people he had previously be-friend with? We all know, that once you're out of your comfort zone, and revealed to all your darkest secrets, you'll end up being rejected, more so type casted, due to the double standard norms that our society have. The society sees you as something different, hence you're not easily accepted back to the community that you belong with. A thorough screen process will be subjected to you in order to see that you're not contagious.

The double standard norm of society exist in order to restrain people from being true to themselves and be happy with what sexuality they choose. If you know, to yourself, for sure that that you're not doing anything wrong, more so you're not stepping on others to attain your goal, then go live your life, the way you wanted it to be.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Magic Loans

Looking for a site that offers loan like Secured Home Equity Loans or any other loans like secured loans, and consolidation loans? Well, here is a link that you can check out in order to available for the specific loan you are looking.

Magic Loans

Honestly, by just browsing their web page I can say that they seem to be a decent site that helps out individuals that needed funding for their businesses or for emergency purposes. However, I just don't know whether they can deliver what they are promising in their web site, since the site seem to be totally new, more so the people behind it seems like also new in the business. I'm quite skeptical, actually, when it comes to seeking for loans, since loans promises an easy avenue for easy money, but at the end, you'll going to pay doubled of what you actually borrowed. I just don't know with this new site.

But if you're really interested with finding someone offering you to lend money up to 250,000 pounds, then check out the link that I had provided you. Their site also offers actual computation of the monthly payment, based on APR (10.9%), you're about to be paying once you had tried to seek for loan with them. More over, their site is easy to navigate with, so you won't find it hard to look around and check for the specific loan you are trying to inquire.

Former President Estrada: Free at last?

joseph ejercito estrada, former president of the philippines, erap, plunder, convicted, sandiganbayan, clemency, pardon

Yesterday, at around 4-5 in the afternoon an abrupt, and important announcement was made in the Palace of MalacaƱang where the president of the Republic of the Philippines resides. The sudden announcement aired in national television states that the former president, Joseph Ejercito Estrada, convicted of the crime plunder, was now given presidential clemency and hereby restores his civil status and his right to vote again given the fact that he will not run anymore to any electoral public office. Read news here

Presidential Clemency? Where in the so-called constitution can an ordinary citizen find that? As far as I know, the former disgraced president was removed from office by the people due to plundering the national treasury, was convicted by the court, and now what? He was free again, like an ordinary citizen! I just don't know if the executive branch really do have that absolute authority to rule over the judiciary system of the country. I'm now quite convinced that if you're a VIP in this country you can go away with anything.

I'm really not sure what to think of in this country. I just can't imagine they can do this, just to cover up the scandal brought about by the ZTE deal and the bribery of local government officials. Filthy politics rules here!

(Photo Courtesy of Hinduonet)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Beds at Time4sleep

I had just check out French Beds UK or more appropriately Time4Sleep, an online company that offers different luxurious beds ever to be sold in the market. Imagine, I had never seen such luxurious beds ever sold in my country, and I had never even seen such a superb design and style when it comes to just a single bed!

Their beds, according to their site, was well designed, heavily ornate and luxuriously upholstered to fit anyones liking, and such nice comfortable beds graced on their site would really fit to anyone. Their beds were made up of different woods, either rattans, mahogany, oak, ash, teak, rosewood, walnut, pine, cedar and redwood that were designed beautifully and artistically to bring out that wonderful effect of captivating people looking at it. Moreover, if you're home had different themes on it (i.e. Victorian style theme, Native theme and the like), those beds available would not end up as problem to you, since most of their beds are inspired with popular home interior decorating style.

If you're still not convinced just head out to their site at Time4Sleep and you, yourself judge whether or not they offer the bed you most likely wished you had. More so, you can also check their site to see the pricing of each bed that would fit your budget.

J.K. Rowling reveals Dumbledore's sexuality

j.k. rowling, harry potter, deathly hallows, order of the phoenix, half-blood prince, goblet of fire, prisoner of azkaban, chamber of secrets, sorcerer's stone, albus dumbledore, dumbledore's sexuality
Upon reading this article from Yahoo! that Albus Dumbledore, one of the main characters of the well acclaimed book Harry Potter series, was gay, caused distress to me, more so caught me off ground as shock sinks in within my line of thought. I never had the slight idea that what the fictional character, Albus Dumbledore's famous line about love refers no other than his own sexuality, his repressed feelings towards Gellert Grindewald! I never thought that, that was the reason why Dumbledore never had any partner in life towards the progression of the book. Now I feel irritated with J.K. Rowling since she ruined the fatherly image I view about on of her fictional character, Dumbledore. A thorough follow-up to the Deathly Hallows is really needed now.

(Photo courtesy of Yahoo!)

Blackpool Theme Park

Theme Parks, I so love to go on a theme park! Even if I'm already in my early adult years I still want to go to any theme park. If given the time, and money I would definitely go to any theme park that caters rides that would boost my adrenalin and excitement, rides that I had never seen before, just like the rides available in Pleasure Beach.

As far as I view it, Pleasure Beach theme park offers rides not accessible to my home grown country. Hence, like I state previously, I will definitely try that out, even if it means going out of the country! I really can't miss such opportunity. If someone would offer me to going him or her in their vacation for the holidays going to Pleasure Beach, I really wouldn't decline such offer!

Head out to their site today at Blackpoolpleasurebeach to check out the latest rides and deals that every theme park lover shouldn't miss! Their site offers you everything of what you're going to expect prior to visiting the Pleasure Beach. More so, you can also apply for an early accommodation at the said site.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

baranggay elections

barannggay elections, sample campaign materialAng inyo pong nakikita ay isang sample ng campaign material ng tumatakbong kagawad sa barangay eleksyon. Napakagandang slogan di po ba? Ako po ay lubos na natatawa sapagkat sa tingin ko po ay nahawa na sa pagiisip ng mga lokal na politiko ang mga pobreng baranggay kagawad na ito. Sa tingin po ba ninyo may kakayahan ang mga simpleng baranggay kagawad na ito na mag-pagawa ng imprastraktura upang makapagpahikayat ng trabaho sa mga mamamayang nakakasakop dito? Magkano nga ba ang sweldo ng isang pobreng kawani ng baranggay? Kaya po ba ng pananalapi ng isang baranggay na pantayan ang kanilang mga pangako? Nawa'y tayo po ay maging mapagmatiyag at maging alisto sa mga pangloloko sa atin ng mga tumatakbong kawani ng baranggay ngayong eleksyon. Huwag po tayong magpaloko na naman sa mga pangakong palagi naman napapako. Magisip po tayo ng mabuti ng hindi na maulit pa ang pambababoy sa ating sariling gobyerno ng mga taong ating dati nang naihalal.


What you are seeing here is a sample of a campaign material of a baranggay councilor running for public office. The slogan's seems catchy right? I never thought that most baranggay councilors and chairman would use the same traditional tactics used by most local government officials (i.e. congressmen, mayors, ect.). It's really funny for me to use these slogans, though, I think they did their best just to be known through and by their constituents, however, why use the same slogans previously used by the traditional politicians? Don't they have any creative team to think of a better way to let your constituents know that they're running for a public office? It's such a shame, since I think such slogans can't even be fulfilled by just a mere baranggay official; just another toll to those promises made to be broken by a lot of politicians! More so, I've been wondering, how much does an elected baranggay official earns for serving the public? Can the baranggay treasury be able to met the promises made by these running councilors and chairman once they were elected? I do hope, we voters become more critical on how we chose the ones who will serve us, because I cannot bear anymore if they're going to be added to the list of politicians that tarnishes the system of government this country have.

P.S. I'm really sleepy upon writing this post, so if you found any grammatical error, typographical error, more so wrong translation, and the like please feel free to leave me a comment stating where you have found such error, and I'm willingly going to fix them.


A lot of businessmen, as far as I'm concerned, really needs huge capitals in order to finance their businesses. Most of them seek for loans in different banks in order to maintain their businesses, more so some even seeks for financial aid from lending companies. What so similar with regards to banks and lending firms was that they only offer loans in exchange for a collateral, meaning secured loans, an example of which is a homeowner loans that is most likely used for mortgages.

In a secured loan you provide them with something that is so valuable to you (i.e. land title) in exchange for the loan you were asking. Most of the banks and lending firms differs from the percentage of interest in the loan, hence, businessmen compare loans that to them seem viable and feasible with which wouldn't cause them trouble in the end.

However, there were also what every one call unsecured loans that were available in some lending firms. Meaning, they won't take away anything from you in exchange for the loan you were asking. Most of the time these kinds of loans were given to those businessmen with established businesses (i.e. Microsoft, SM Malls etcetera etcetera). As far as I know, lending firms based their actions on handing out unsecured loans through personal credit profile. If they knew that you're a good payor, then most likely they would hand out the loan you're asking immediately, not questions asked.

If your a businessman badly in need of a capital to maintain your business, I suggest you head through your local bank and ask a representative there in what type of loan can they give you. More so, I also suggest to check this site Nations Finance, they tackle most about loan and how can a simple businessman acquire one. One caution of advice though, loans are made in order to finance something that is severely important likewise necessary (i.e. a business). Don't acquire a loan if it's not necessary, for example using the said loan not to finance a business but to buy something that is completely not necessary.

Glorietta 2 explosion: was it caused by islamic extremist act or just a freak accident?

makati blast, glorietta 2 blast, bombing, makati bombingToday at aound 1:40 pm (+8:00 GMT) the business district of the Republic of the Philippines, Makati City, had experienced yet again another explosive blast on the same ground of the previous explosion - the Glorietta Mall, owned by the Ayala Corp. According to ABS-CBN news the explosion happened in the storage room of one of the restaurants the said mall caters. Up to today, authorities are not sure whether the cause of the explosion was made by a leak on the LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or was made by an improvised explosive planted inside the mall.
"This was a bomb. But beyond that we can't say anything else yet because we are still investigating. What I can say is it was not LPG that caused this," Razon told reporters.

However, there is still no clear evidence to rule out what was first thought of about the explosion that it was caused by the leak on an LPG tank, until the authorities had finished their investigation on the said site.

Due to the said explosion, 8 were killed while more than 56 were injured having different degrees of flesh cuts and burns. Moreover, according to the news 2 individuals were still in a critical condition confined in Makati Medical Center. I just pray that God may spare them and let them live to testify to the public on how horrendous the situation they had been if it was caused by extremist bombing.

One thing is for sure about what had happened today, that people should be more vigilant on the places they are going to since no one have any idea on whether the same explosion in the Glorietta 2 mall will be repeated on another place or another mall.

Edit: Sen. Trillianes states on the news that it was the Arroyo government that should be blamed for the said explosion. Instead of blaming the government Mr. Trillianes, why not find the real culprit if the said explosion was caused by a bomb? Instead of blabbering about nonsensical things that are baseless more so factless why not work as a senator and use your connections to get to the bottom of this incident?

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Credit Cards: Are they really Necessary?

Credit cards: are they really necessary?

If you're an online shopper it's a must to have a credit card in order to purchase your goods. However since there are a lot of phishing scams out there that tries to steal your credit card information, you try to use other services like Paypal which allows balance transfers from your credit card to your Paypal account in order to avoid giving out personal credit information that is viable to being stolen and used by others in their crime. With that in hand, you are sure that no one will be able to use your credit card for their personal gain.

However, if you're not an online shopper, more so you're just an ordinary person who despised the word "shopping", then credit cards are just a piece of plastic chip for you. What do I mean when I say piece of plastic chip? Simple, since the term "credit" is attached as the first word for the compound word "credit card", it means that you're just borrowing an imaginary cash from a certain bank that offers you that piece of plastic chip. You were borrowing money in order for you to luxuriate or buy the things that you normally don't need using credit cards, and every month you are obliged to pay for the sum amount you had spent. Isn't this why credit cards were made in the first place?

So was it necessary? If you feel that it's a need for you, then go check out the interest free credit cards where you can borrow money using credits cards and pay it afterwards like normally borrowing money from your parents. But if you feel that the said credit cards just traps you in buying the things that you want but it's not a need, then I suggest don't ever try to acquire one. Credit cards were made as a piece of temptation! If you already had credit cards, well the most likely advise I can hand out to you is set your priorities, and ask yourself: "Do I really need this thing?"

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Mariel Rodriguez: Big Brother Philippines Housemate!

mariel rodriguez, pbb, pinoy pig brother celebrity edition 2, housemate, uber,
Mariel Rodriguez, the host of the Big Brother Philippines Celebrity Edition show Uber, is now an official house mate! The said twist in the show was really unexpected, not just for the viewing public but for the host herself, since she wasn't notified early on that she would be included as a house mate. Poor Mariel, she had the intuition already that she might be forcefully be included as one of the house mates but she still worked as the Uber host up to today not knowing that it's her last day as its host and the start of being a house mate. By looking at her reaction, she really didn't expect it and least to say made her cry. I pity her for being so unprepared, imagine she doesn't even had any clothes with her as she entered through the confession room, since she was coerced. Well this is a new and exciting chapter on the said show, so I'm going to stick my eyes glued on the said show up until it's end.

Go! Go! Mariel! We, the viewers of your show since season 1 up late will miss you.

P.S. Do your best, whether you're going to be a temporary house mate for a while, or a permanent house mate.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

coupons, coupons... delight

Christmas is just around the corner and it's really fast approaching! Ever wonder what to give to your special someone this season? Well I do! But definitely I would try to buy something that seems special and necessary but that won't hurt my budget. More so, if there's a way to lessen the cost of the item by a fraction then I would grab it.

Thanks to Edealfinder who offers discount coupons on different items available on the market, I will be able to avail a Mondera jewerly, using a Mondera coupons or a laptop from HP or Dell using their respective coupons (e.g. HP coupons and
Dell coupons), for the gifts I'm going to give away.

If I were you, I would stop by their site and look at the different coupons available for the different items out in the market, to be able to prepare for your own Christmas list. Who knows you might even save a lot of money by just using the said coupons!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Traffic Hazard: Jake Cuenca

Jake Cuenca's Bench billboards along EDSA or even in Rotonda are really hazardous to female and female-hearted male motorists alike. For my opinion, it would really insinuate a lot of traffic on the said roads, hence it's advisable if motorists just re-route and leave the said roads to be blocked by the aforementioned people. *insert grin here* It's not always that you can see a luscious body of a sassy young male wearing skimpy undergarments being exposed for you to salivate, right? *insert high pitched laugh here*

But does the said billboard matter? Of course it does! As a country "living in billboard hell", as Sen. Santiago once said, it does promote advertiser's products to the consumers even at the extent of selling sex as a commodity and much worse even causing eye strain and traffic to viewers looking at it; it really does matter. Imagine seeing Jake Cuenca wearing those skimpy undergarments, a lot of fans of the said actor would and definitely would buy the same type of products being endorsed.by him, even if the said viewer of the billboard is a female.

Anyway, what's the main reason why I'm blogging this about? My simple answer, I've seen the said billboard both at North Edsa, and another one near Guadalupe or Makati, and I can't help but stare at it. Just imagine if most motorist would stop by and stare at the said billboards, it would cause commotion and traffic that would entail a lot of distress to our poor traffic enforcers. More over I just don't see the point why advertisers makes huge billboards with sex as its theme background on it! Does sex themed things really produces a lot of money? (Edit: Just pondering over; how can you even sell undergarments without using it as a theme? Lol)

No offense to Jake Cuenca, but having that luscious and yummy body to die for being exposed on a billboard really causes a lot of eye strain.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Monet's Le Pont d'Argenteuil: Damaged

Honestly speaking, I had never seen a work of art most revered by the world with my own eyes, so close as to even touching it. That's is why I'm so heart-fallen when I had read from BBC News that one of the paintings of Claude Monet, a renowned painter of the Le Pont d'Argenteuil, had been damaged at the museum it had been placed under custody with.

It's such a shame that instead of looking at the paintings with admiration and fascination, five unknown people who had broke in the Musee d'Orsay gallery had managed to put a four (4) inch hole on the said painting. How in the world could the possible destroy a cultural artifact that was known not just in France, but in the whole world? I'm so saddened by the fact that I haven't even seen a real Monet painting, and then now I would read that It's now damaged! Those people were blessed to see such a work of art but why vandalize it?

Read full story here.

(Photo Courtesy of: Interagir.com)

Dial A Flight

Holidays are again around the corner and of course a lot of you are planning to spend some quality time in some nice place with your relatives or special someone, wherein you can relax and have fun until the season ends. Of course, it's already a known fact that once you wanted to luxuriate on your holidays, you needed to prepare for it for months, or ask some decent travel agent to arrange your business class flights, or even cheap flights going towards the destination you wanted to go, like for example flights to Canada wherein you can spend your city break with.

So why not ask an agent on Dial A Flight to help you get there to the destination you really wanted to go? Imagine they can help you in making one of your holidays truly memorable! So I suggest don't waste time preparing all by yourself selecting and browsing through different magazines on where you ought to go to experience the best, just head out to Dial A Flight web site, and of you go to the place where you can luxuriate for the best.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Manny Pacquiao Won

The much awaited second fight of Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Barrera has finally ended, and for the second time it's still Manny Pacquiao who had won! So what will happen to Marco Antonio Barrera after he had eaten what he had said in the pre-fight? According to the GMA 7 news, he might be forced to retire due to his failure to win for the second time against Pacquiao, more so due to his consecutive loses against other boxers. Ain't I hearing the same escape goat of an alibi again? As I recalled promptly and correctly, Erik Morales also had said the same thing when he lost to Manny Pacquiao before.

Anyway, the Filipino's Boxing Champ won in a unanimous decision from the 12 round fight, and the score cards were as follows:
Judge Tom Schreck scored it 115-112 for Pacquiao, while Jerry Roth and Glenn Trowbridge both favoured Pacquiao 118-109. The Associated Press also gave it to Pacquiao, 116-111.
(Chronicle journal)

Isn't that what boxing analyst had viewed prior to the fight, that Manny Pacquiao had the upper hand against his opponent? True to what they'd all been blabber about, it does end up the same as what they had expected, but the turning point of the fight was not about who had won, but instead who was the one who had shown the will to win. Both players had remained standing up to the very last round, which is of course very unexpected since both refused to be knocked-out, and this is, I think the best part of it.

But the question still remains the same anyway, am I going to be proud for him? Well, part of me wanted to go and rejoice since another Filipino had made a name in the field of sports, but at the end of the day, it's still just Manny Pacquiao achievement, and not the rest of the community.

P.S. Don't get me wrong, but this is what I'm feeling right now. I'm feeling kind of indifferent.

Gifts for him this season

Father's or even teenage guys really loves to play around with their stuffs, baseball gloves here, bats there, and a lot of things that usually ends up cluttering the place. Not all the time these guys would pick up their stuffs and place it a box in an organize manner. Most of the time it would be the mother who would tend to pick up the cluttered pieces of things and arrange them accordingly.

What if you make a time to pick up a cabinet, a storage, or a work bench and give it to them as gifts for him in this coming season? Isn't that a nice idea? You can ask them to organize their things properly in their new cabinet, storage, or work bench hence minimizing your workload as a mother to pick up, stock in a box and organize things either your son, or husband had left scattering on the floor.

Having those beautifully crafted cabinets and storages in your homes helps makes a nice ambiance, since your homes or even your garage wouldn't tend to appear like a total mess with a lot of piled metals, bolts, nuts, simple machines, and spare tires, since their properly organized and stored in a cabinet made of aluminum steel.

Friday, October 5, 2007

can moths be really messenger from the dead?

Last time I had included in my post something about a moth as a messenger from the dead. Though again, I reiterate that the said notion doesn't have validity nor sources to back it up, since it's purely a Philippine folklore superstition passed on from word of mouth, I find it really weird since just two days ago another moth just flew inside the house.

The moth that flew inside the house was same as the picture above. I really don't know much about the said superstition but so far as I recalled it from past experiences, my mother used to tell me that somebody might be missing someone in the house, or that somebody might want to be remembered by someone that's why the moth had flew in.

However, I'm pondering whether it has some connection with people nearly or almost near in his or her death bed, just like the cat in the hospital as what Rich had written in her blog. Since, prior to the moth's appearance in our house, our family had already received a dreaded message stating that a relative had been hospitalized and in his critical stage, and when it (the moth) flew inside the house and stayed there for almost two days another message was received stating that one of my grandfathers, from my father's side had passed away already already, and just the same time I had found that the moth that had arrived in the house was also dead.

Quite shocking though, that the said message woke us up early in the morning. However, is it really coincidence that the moth's existence in our house suggests that somebody had been wished to be remembered before his or her death?

(Photo Courtesy of Teachernet and Wikipedia)

coupon chief

It's -BER months again and just a month from now there will be national holidays. The hype, the fashion, the designs, the rush, the excitement and the anticipation will be there again to be felt up until the next year. Since, I'm talking about the upcoming holidays (i.e. Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and new year) I had found a nice site, coupon chief that offers coupons which served of course as discount from items you will buy online.

Though, I'm not used to buying stuffs online, I do wish my parents would buy me something really nice this season, like a personal laptop of course *insert laugh here*. They can make purchase online to reduce the irksome time, and of course they can use dell coupons or hp coupons to have some nice cut-off or discounts. Or maybe just maybe buy me a new phone and also use a cellphone shop coupon for that.

Anyway as for me, I'm going to try to purchase something good online using buycostumes coupons to have some nice costumes for my little nieces and nephews who will, i hope so, participate in the upcoming trick or treat, and I might as well find the time to luxuriate on buying my mother a bag from ebags using ebags coupons of course.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

teri hatcher's derogatory remark

Transcript: “Okay, before we go any further, can I check those diplomas? Cause I would just like to make sure they are not from some med school in the Philippines.”

Uhm... like what is this? Is this an acceptable desperate housewives script aired over the US and a few select countries airing the said show? Is there such a moderating body in the US that check every DISCRIMINATORY remarks made by the said show?

I think there isn't, because you all know what? It reached the news of the country that the said show discriminates! How dare the producers and writers of that show to include that demeaning and derogatory line Teri Hatcher had said? Are they too stupid enough to not even think that most of their health care workers are Filipinos! First and foremost can they present valid evidence that Filipino Medical Doctors are way too incompetent as compared to their doctors?

The Philippines may be a third world country that faces a lot of global issues, but how dare them (the script writers) think that they're far too superior than the rest of the world combined! Not all the time, a first world country produces the best of the crop, sometimes even third world countries does and it's far better!

Garage Cabinets

Do you have like a messy garage or something similar to that?

Then diamond plate cabinets from CarGuyGarage.com is here to help you out on your garage problems. The said diamond plate cabinets are extremely exquisite when it comes to its designs, and definitely a must have in either your home or office!

Though most people and garage owners would prefer wooden cabinets in their garage since it may "sometimes" last long and doesn't rust out, diamond plate cabinets might change your point of view on having a metal cabinet that fit perfectly onto your garage.

How is it so? According to their online shopping site the said cabinets are made up of aluminum that never rust out nor corrode with time, hence a very valuable commodity that everyone should have in their own homes and offices, since it can replace wooden cabinets that were destroyed by the length of time and frequent use. More so metal cabinets can endure heavy weights that cannot be placed on wooden ones. However, it should be noted that, the said cabinets also entails some very high price tags ranging from almost a hundred dollars to even a thousand dollars. But if your into quality rather than the price, then I suggest you stop over their site, have a look what will suit your taste and purchase it, since not all the time you can find something that is sturdy and with added features.

Monday, October 1, 2007

slipping moment


It's the only thing that I heard after I slipped directly to the floor, and now...


It hurts! It really hurts. I do hope nothing is fractured or damaged within my right arm, specifically my elbow, because I think it endured most of my weight as I slipped directly into the shiny floor.

Lesson learned: Never walk on shiny floors with damp feet, and better wear rubber slippers. Hay, why did I forget to wear my slippers at night while traversing the living room going directly to the scary spot the washroom, toilet or comfort room, whatever it is called!

(Photo courtesy of Istockphoto)