Friday, October 5, 2007

coupon chief

It's -BER months again and just a month from now there will be national holidays. The hype, the fashion, the designs, the rush, the excitement and the anticipation will be there again to be felt up until the next year. Since, I'm talking about the upcoming holidays (i.e. Halloween, thanksgiving, Christmas, and new year) I had found a nice site, coupon chief that offers coupons which served of course as discount from items you will buy online.

Though, I'm not used to buying stuffs online, I do wish my parents would buy me something really nice this season, like a personal laptop of course *insert laugh here*. They can make purchase online to reduce the irksome time, and of course they can use dell coupons or hp coupons to have some nice cut-off or discounts. Or maybe just maybe buy me a new phone and also use a cellphone shop coupon for that.

Anyway as for me, I'm going to try to purchase something good online using buycostumes coupons to have some nice costumes for my little nieces and nephews who will, i hope so, participate in the upcoming trick or treat, and I might as well find the time to luxuriate on buying my mother a bag from ebags using ebags coupons of course.

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