Friday, October 5, 2007

can moths be really messenger from the dead?

Last time I had included in my post something about a moth as a messenger from the dead. Though again, I reiterate that the said notion doesn't have validity nor sources to back it up, since it's purely a Philippine folklore superstition passed on from word of mouth, I find it really weird since just two days ago another moth just flew inside the house.

The moth that flew inside the house was same as the picture above. I really don't know much about the said superstition but so far as I recalled it from past experiences, my mother used to tell me that somebody might be missing someone in the house, or that somebody might want to be remembered by someone that's why the moth had flew in.

However, I'm pondering whether it has some connection with people nearly or almost near in his or her death bed, just like the cat in the hospital as what Rich had written in her blog. Since, prior to the moth's appearance in our house, our family had already received a dreaded message stating that a relative had been hospitalized and in his critical stage, and when it (the moth) flew inside the house and stayed there for almost two days another message was received stating that one of my grandfathers, from my father's side had passed away already already, and just the same time I had found that the moth that had arrived in the house was also dead.

Quite shocking though, that the said message woke us up early in the morning. However, is it really coincidence that the moth's existence in our house suggests that somebody had been wished to be remembered before his or her death?

(Photo Courtesy of Teachernet and Wikipedia)

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