Saturday, September 23, 2006

UE alleges UST's basketball team of game fraud

Every losing team has their lame excuse just to soften the blow or impact of defeat! Either the winning team would be accused of fraud, or bribing the game officials just to point out that they should had won the game and not the latter team. This, I say, is a clear manifestation of a wrong psychological coping. Indeed that denying and not accepting the truth (i.e. losing) is the easiest way of escape.

However, with all due respect, and should be noted properly that, a person or a team, or even a university, is not guilty of any accusations unless proven otherwise in accordance with due process of the law. I think, that is very clear, and self-explanatory, so if you still had any problems air your grievances in the proper forum.

You were blessed to have a twice-to-beat advantage, but you were beaten twice! Isn't that very clear on your part, that UST's team had what it takes to over-ride your capabilities. Don't make any allegations that you, yourselves can't prove, that would be very shameful and derogatory on your part. You can't gain sympathy in ruining a team's reputation. So stop crying over a spilled milked!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

yesterday's encounter with myself

it felt indifferent, knowing that i'm acting strange yesterday. my queer behavior lead to profound haughtiness. i know it's not me, yet i have done nothing to avert such behavior. ewan ko pero i just moved away from those people asking for help. i don't usually do this, kahit na alam ng lahat na mataray ako, at snobbish, yet i don't decline when someone needs help. siguro i'm just stressed out, and super bored.

anyway, when i got in the cab, or i should say an "fx" i ended up with two people that were so humiliating and gross to look at. not that i'm judging their physical appearance, but i was judging their character. i just don't know why "mapuans" (quoted) are so arrogant. i just can't imagine that "mapuans" likes to but in, with other people's conversations, and reacts with it as if their superior with regards to other schools in manila. imagine that these people were just over-hearing the conversations made by the other people in the cab.

what's more annoying with them was that the girl was so horny, initiating the move to have a "tabooed" action in a public place. The girl asked the guy "to lick" his hands, and fingers. after which, they made some "PDAs" that lasted and recurred more that five minutes.

my whole ride going home was filled with humiliation for them. parents should really discipline their offsprings more now a day. i'm not saying that they should inhibit the new generations liberalism towards what they feel, but parents should limit how these feelings should be expressed either verbally or in actions, because it's not nice to see couples making love in a public place. society still considers this as tabooed action.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

boredom kills me... i just can't imagine why i can't get my life out of this mess. i had tried my best to change my routine, but i always ended up losing the enthusiasm that i have had.

if there is an over-the-counter medicine for boredom i will by it. and i swear i will.

Friday, September 15, 2006

after being accused of apamming blogger, now i got an internal error: 500 from blogger. i just don't know what to say. i just can't bear it anymore... what else? shall my blog will be deleted...

Monday, September 4, 2006

regarding highest paying keywords

i was trying to experiment what adsense keywords would bring enough revenue for a blog or a website. i have found a suitable list that says a webmaster could earn more than 80 dollars. yet i doubt if the following were true, since its last update was three months ago. besides what misconstrues me most was whether the following keywords would generate an $80 per click revenue or an $80 revenue for the month you have used the keywords.
anyway the list of the keywords were as follows:

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mostly the keywords stated pertains to lawyers and students loans, who wish to study graduate or even masters degree. they advertise scholoarships and grants. some of them even offer online degrees for international students.
if you would use these keywords, be advisable that it doesn't mean you'll earn the stated amount indicated. geographical or even demographic locations may affect one's revenue, and most importantly the click through rate of one's advertisement and the traffic of the site.

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Sunday, September 3, 2006


i just wonder why in different countries some stuffs (e.g. laptops, ipod, digital cameras, are given away for free at no extra cost. the only thing you have to do is either refer another member (networking) or answer a survey that pertains to the product. While in the philippines, you will work very, very hard and keeping most of your salary or allowance just for you to be able to have the things you need given away for free in another country!

it makes me envious, you see. i also wanted those things being enjoyed by the americans, australians, italians, spaniards, and the like. i wanted freebies as well. why can't some people organize those things in the philippines? why does everything in the face of the philippine archipelago has a monetary value?

hay, i want freebies...