Saturday, September 23, 2006

UE alleges UST's basketball team of game fraud

Every losing team has their lame excuse just to soften the blow or impact of defeat! Either the winning team would be accused of fraud, or bribing the game officials just to point out that they should had won the game and not the latter team. This, I say, is a clear manifestation of a wrong psychological coping. Indeed that denying and not accepting the truth (i.e. losing) is the easiest way of escape.

However, with all due respect, and should be noted properly that, a person or a team, or even a university, is not guilty of any accusations unless proven otherwise in accordance with due process of the law. I think, that is very clear, and self-explanatory, so if you still had any problems air your grievances in the proper forum.

You were blessed to have a twice-to-beat advantage, but you were beaten twice! Isn't that very clear on your part, that UST's team had what it takes to over-ride your capabilities. Don't make any allegations that you, yourselves can't prove, that would be very shameful and derogatory on your part. You can't gain sympathy in ruining a team's reputation. So stop crying over a spilled milked!

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