Wednesday, September 26, 2007

opportunity missed again!

Why do I find it hard to grab the opportunities being posted for Tuesday in the affiliate program that I belong to? Even if I tried my best to fearlessly be online for almost the entire day I always finds most of them taken and reserved by other members. Does that mean that better luck next time again?

Gosh... next week will be another week and another set of opportunities will be held up for grabs, and I hope that maybe I will be lucky enough to be one of the few who will have the said opportunity! I really needed to try my best from now on...

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

shoe sole damaged by cockroach!

I don't know if you're going to believe it or not, but the soles of my shoes, instead of the usual being worn out due to excessive friction to the ground, was eaten by hungry little creatures called cockroach! I never thought that cockroaches could eat synthetic rubber, but I know they feed most of the time in the crayons lying somewhere in the ground if it was left there by my beloved young brother. Since, once I pick them up after a day or so of finding the said crayons there were like little bites somewhere in the exposed parts of it. But to synthetic rubber used as soles of the shoes? It's really unbelievable.

Just imagine how shocked I was when I had already worn the shoes and was briskly walking inside the house to gather most of the things I needed when all of a sudden the right sole of the shoes was left lying in the spot I had walked on! What's really weird was that the damage cannot be seen from the outside of the soles, but instead from the inside.

Yes, I know we do have a lot of cockroaches coming from the outside of the house. Even if you cleaned the house fervently and used a lot of insecticides that really doesn't seem to kill foreign, neighborhood cockroaches, that scampers away exiting the house, they just keeps on coming back. So now, the collateral damage it brought - just eaten out the soles of my shoes. Wait till you see the damage it caused to it even if I really took care of it properly!

Now I'm thinking of buying another pair because the shoes are really unwearable, and I'm guessing that even Mr. Quickie has no option yet on how it will fix the said soles instead it might just say that I need to buy a new one.

Friday, September 21, 2007

ZTE Broadband; what's the deal?

This had been the issue since the past weeks and I can't help myself from stating my opinion here. It seemed that the infamous country, the Republic of the Philippines, is yet again dragged into another catastrophic situation by the officials that was governing it. How come I said so? As the senate inquiry of the infamous country progresses, it was found out that the said broadband deal that would connect all of the major government firms was over-priced by more than a hundred million dollars!

Where in God's grace would the Philippine government get a huge amount of money amounting to more than 300 million dollars (read news here) for the said project, when it's still under fiscal crisis for the debts made previously were still unpaid up to now! You can just imagine that even the unborn residents of the infamous country, the one's still in the process of being sperminated, already had huge amount of debt on their shoulders. Even if the country exports more domestic helpers, it isn't enough to satisfy the GNP (Gross National Product) and GDP (Gross Domestic Product) of the said infamous country because half of the entire national budget would just end up in paying off national debts previously incurred, and one-fourth of the said budget will end up in the pockets of the so-called corrupt officials. So how in the world are they going to facilitate the country with a tight budget? Pass all of the expenses to the poor majority?

Gosh! Why in the world does Philippine Government officials so corrupt? Didn't they know that instead of making the lives of the whole community better they're making it even worst! I just can't comprehend why they need to over-price the said project, and ask a broadband company, that had prevalent criminal issues, according to Sen. Lacson in other countries, instead of choosing capable local companies that had also expertise in the said project at a cheaper cost.

Beautiful Girls: National Craze?

I have no idea when this song was released internationally, but it appeared that it became a wide hit already in this infamous country. The said song, Beautiful Girls sang by no other than Sean Kingston and with a remake by singer Jojo became an instant craze that every one have both versions in either their websites, cellphones or even Ipods.

But what's with the song anyway? The song just emphasizes that "cool girls" are not compatible with not so-cool guys.

You're way too beautiful girl
That's why it'll never work
You'll have me suicidal, suicidal
When you say it's over

Isn't that what is called discrimination in a slight sense? What I mean is that, people can have their free choice on whom to love and give their affection to, and that it's their prerogative. However isn't that so lame if someone you really like just makes a fool of you and play around with your feelings? And isn't that what the whole song was about, a no so-cool guy played around until he lost his own sanity?

It's just so weird because I can't comprehend why a lot of people enjoys listening to the said song when it fact it doesn't reflect any social issue, instead it just reflects how some stupid guy fell in love with girl that would not reciprocate the feelings he's expressing.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Knights of Columbus: HOME WRECKERS!

Yes, read it right - HOME WRECKERS!

Much to my dismay but that is true. Instead of the spiritual formation that should be promulgated within and outside of the said group, lies, hearsay and addiction are the ones being evangelized!

What do you expect if that became the core of your familial affairs? Definitely instead of a strong communal bond within your family and the community you belong, disintegration occurs. It's like your family is a fragile thing easily breakable or better yet a hollowed wood too brittle to last to long enough to hold foundation.

I just don't know why our family ended up in this state. Who ever recruited my father to that rotten group; curse him for ruining our placid and harmonious lives! I shall never forget all this things, never in my entire living life!

I shall never forget how each and every ROTTEN member of the said organization who had influenced my father so badly, to ever tell lies to us their own family. I shall never forget how they influenced him to act against his will without thinking that his own family is at stake. I shall never forget how they all became HYPOCRITES who wears facades in order to hide their ROTTEN, and FILTHY state. I shall never forget how they learned to teach my father to blame us their family, instead of blaming those who had influenced him wrongly!

I shall never forget ALL THESE... NEVER!!!

lunia: online game

Are you looking for a new online-role playing game to satisfy your taste for adventure? Well search no more, Lunia is here to satisfy your taste! But what is Lunia? And what's its difference to the rest of the role-playing games available?

Basically, Lunia is a new launch online game developed by a Korean Company that offers a new style of gameplay with which, it mixed both the elements of RPG action games in one, which is definitely a lot better than those already out. If I mean a lot better, I mean it so, because usually the only device that most online role-playing uses for its navigation is the mouse pointer, where you tediously click on an area to let your character move from the desired location that you wanted. However in Lunia, you can use your old dear keyboards as a means to navigate, and even attack virtual enemies or rivals that's on your path. Of course, words aren't enough to hold your attention, hence, I will provide you a useful link that offers much to said new game if you ought to play it as a replacement from the other online role-playing games you're currently playing.

Okay, here it is: Lunia Fansite. They offer a lot of things that could help you out if you're just starting the game. Of course you need to register first to their forums, which is found here Lunia Forum in order to be a part of the community that offers the help and guide from simple things to strategic guides that might help you in becoming an experienced player of the said game. More so, once you became a member of the said community, and gain a lot of experience, you can also share your thoughts and perceptions, and even help those who like you were once beginners. Moreover, their forums are the best way to make new friends online, who share the same thoughts and ideas about the said game, Lunia.