Tuesday, September 4, 2007

lunia: online game

Are you looking for a new online-role playing game to satisfy your taste for adventure? Well search no more, Lunia is here to satisfy your taste! But what is Lunia? And what's its difference to the rest of the role-playing games available?

Basically, Lunia is a new launch online game developed by a Korean Company that offers a new style of gameplay with which, it mixed both the elements of RPG action games in one, which is definitely a lot better than those already out. If I mean a lot better, I mean it so, because usually the only device that most online role-playing uses for its navigation is the mouse pointer, where you tediously click on an area to let your character move from the desired location that you wanted. However in Lunia, you can use your old dear keyboards as a means to navigate, and even attack virtual enemies or rivals that's on your path. Of course, words aren't enough to hold your attention, hence, I will provide you a useful link that offers much to said new game if you ought to play it as a replacement from the other online role-playing games you're currently playing.

Okay, here it is: Lunia Fansite. They offer a lot of things that could help you out if you're just starting the game. Of course you need to register first to their forums, which is found here Lunia Forum in order to be a part of the community that offers the help and guide from simple things to strategic guides that might help you in becoming an experienced player of the said game. More so, once you became a member of the said community, and gain a lot of experience, you can also share your thoughts and perceptions, and even help those who like you were once beginners. Moreover, their forums are the best way to make new friends online, who share the same thoughts and ideas about the said game, Lunia.

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