Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Knights of Columbus: HOME WRECKERS!

Yes, read it right - HOME WRECKERS!

Much to my dismay but that is true. Instead of the spiritual formation that should be promulgated within and outside of the said group, lies, hearsay and addiction are the ones being evangelized!

What do you expect if that became the core of your familial affairs? Definitely instead of a strong communal bond within your family and the community you belong, disintegration occurs. It's like your family is a fragile thing easily breakable or better yet a hollowed wood too brittle to last to long enough to hold foundation.

I just don't know why our family ended up in this state. Who ever recruited my father to that rotten group; curse him for ruining our placid and harmonious lives! I shall never forget all this things, never in my entire living life!

I shall never forget how each and every ROTTEN member of the said organization who had influenced my father so badly, to ever tell lies to us their own family. I shall never forget how they influenced him to act against his will without thinking that his own family is at stake. I shall never forget how they all became HYPOCRITES who wears facades in order to hide their ROTTEN, and FILTHY state. I shall never forget how they learned to teach my father to blame us their family, instead of blaming those who had influenced him wrongly!

I shall never forget ALL THESE... NEVER!!!

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