Tuesday, September 25, 2007

shoe sole damaged by cockroach!

I don't know if you're going to believe it or not, but the soles of my shoes, instead of the usual being worn out due to excessive friction to the ground, was eaten by hungry little creatures called cockroach! I never thought that cockroaches could eat synthetic rubber, but I know they feed most of the time in the crayons lying somewhere in the ground if it was left there by my beloved young brother. Since, once I pick them up after a day or so of finding the said crayons there were like little bites somewhere in the exposed parts of it. But to synthetic rubber used as soles of the shoes? It's really unbelievable.

Just imagine how shocked I was when I had already worn the shoes and was briskly walking inside the house to gather most of the things I needed when all of a sudden the right sole of the shoes was left lying in the spot I had walked on! What's really weird was that the damage cannot be seen from the outside of the soles, but instead from the inside.

Yes, I know we do have a lot of cockroaches coming from the outside of the house. Even if you cleaned the house fervently and used a lot of insecticides that really doesn't seem to kill foreign, neighborhood cockroaches, that scampers away exiting the house, they just keeps on coming back. So now, the collateral damage it brought - just eaten out the soles of my shoes. Wait till you see the damage it caused to it even if I really took care of it properly!

Now I'm thinking of buying another pair because the shoes are really unwearable, and I'm guessing that even Mr. Quickie has no option yet on how it will fix the said soles instead it might just say that I need to buy a new one.

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