Monday, September 4, 2006

regarding highest paying keywords

i was trying to experiment what adsense keywords would bring enough revenue for a blog or a website. i have found a suitable list that says a webmaster could earn more than 80 dollars. yet i doubt if the following were true, since its last update was three months ago. besides what misconstrues me most was whether the following keywords would generate an $80 per click revenue or an $80 revenue for the month you have used the keywords.
anyway the list of the keywords were as follows:

$82.95 austin dwi

$78.28 school loan consolidation

$76.80 college loan consolidation

$75.07 car insurance quotes

$75.03 auto insurance quotes

$71.96 college consolidation

$70.83 massachusetts auto insurance quotes

$70.09 life ins quotes

$69.44 allstate insurance quote

$68.33 california dui lawyers

$67.97 chicago personal injury attorneys

$67.64 seattle dui lawyer

$67.21 sell structured settlement

$66.55 student consolidation

$66.31 term life insurance quote

$65.51 austin dwi attorney

$65.39 auto insurance quote

$65.08 seattle dui attorney

$63.50 student loan consolidation interest rate

$63.14 term insurance quote

$62.63 universal life insurance quote

$61.35 consolidate student loan

$61.35 consolidate loan student

$61.30 san diego dui attorney

$59.97 select quote life insurance

$59.77 structured settlement

$59.55 consolidate student

$59.55 student consolidate

$59.47 lasik surgery new york

$59.41 consolidate school loans

$59.29 car insurance rate quote

$58.92 student loan refinance

$58.78 car insurance quote

$58.51 dui attorney washington

$57.60 dui lawyer washington

$57.51 life insurance quote online

$57.49 consolidate student loans

$57.28 select quote insurance

$56.83 lasik new york city

$56.41 insurance rate quote

$56.20 allstate car insurance quote

$56.19 lasik new york

$56.10 lasik new york

$55.92 insurance quotes

$55.51 homeowner’s insurance quotes

$55.40 federal loan consolidation

$55.17 life insurance quote

mostly the keywords stated pertains to lawyers and students loans, who wish to study graduate or even masters degree. they advertise scholoarships and grants. some of them even offer online degrees for international students.
if you would use these keywords, be advisable that it doesn't mean you'll earn the stated amount indicated. geographical or even demographic locations may affect one's revenue, and most importantly the click through rate of one's advertisement and the traffic of the site.

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