Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Rosetta Stone: Insight

I had actually been to this site before, when I was trying to find resource materials for the 3rd language I'm previously studying. The said site offers Rosetta Stone, which, I believe was a resource educational tool that would help individuals who yearn to learn not just English as a primary language but other language as well.

If I wasn't mistaken, Rosetta Stone software incorporates different learning techniques in order for an individual to master the language he or she had chosen to study. The concept of including in the software the right pronunciation, intonation, and diction of a certain word or phrase really could help a certain individual to fully grasp the dynamic language he or she had picked to acquire. The concept really, no offense, to the developers, was great, however, I cannot say that it would become an effective tool for comprehension, since it's just a software there's no personal interaction involved in it. Yes, it may help facilitate faster learning on a certain language, however using the said software as a means of replacement for qualified instructors, I don't think it can help that much, since users might just end up memorizing the contents of the entire software.

This software would be beneficial to an individual, despite it's high cost, only if this was used side by side with a professional instructor more so, in an environment with personal interaction involved. All I'm saying is this is a good product definitely to be acquired and used as a resource or reference material for those who really wanted to learn faster in a modular way.

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