Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mark Cortez reveals his long time secret.

Every actor in this country, as we all know reaches a point where they were intrigued of being a female-hearted male, and we all know most of them just shrugs them of, deny them or just let the issue die; just like what this actor now gracing this page did previously. This actor, a product of a television reality search, TV Idols, aired previously on the now dissolved show MTB, was accused of being a gay, and he vehemently denied such accusations causing the said issue to die. However, table turns and the issue resurfaces, hence, yesterday the said actor became true to himself and revealed his long time secret; that indeed he was gay. Read news here

There is no harm actually in being true to yourself, more so, admitting that you're indeed gay. However, the next question that should be address here was: Will he be accepted whole-heartedly by the same people he had previously be-friend with? We all know, that once you're out of your comfort zone, and revealed to all your darkest secrets, you'll end up being rejected, more so type casted, due to the double standard norms that our society have. The society sees you as something different, hence you're not easily accepted back to the community that you belong with. A thorough screen process will be subjected to you in order to see that you're not contagious.

The double standard norm of society exist in order to restrain people from being true to themselves and be happy with what sexuality they choose. If you know, to yourself, for sure that that you're not doing anything wrong, more so you're not stepping on others to attain your goal, then go live your life, the way you wanted it to be.

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