Sunday, October 14, 2007

Traffic Hazard: Jake Cuenca

Jake Cuenca's Bench billboards along EDSA or even in Rotonda are really hazardous to female and female-hearted male motorists alike. For my opinion, it would really insinuate a lot of traffic on the said roads, hence it's advisable if motorists just re-route and leave the said roads to be blocked by the aforementioned people. *insert grin here* It's not always that you can see a luscious body of a sassy young male wearing skimpy undergarments being exposed for you to salivate, right? *insert high pitched laugh here*

But does the said billboard matter? Of course it does! As a country "living in billboard hell", as Sen. Santiago once said, it does promote advertiser's products to the consumers even at the extent of selling sex as a commodity and much worse even causing eye strain and traffic to viewers looking at it; it really does matter. Imagine seeing Jake Cuenca wearing those skimpy undergarments, a lot of fans of the said actor would and definitely would buy the same type of products being him, even if the said viewer of the billboard is a female.

Anyway, what's the main reason why I'm blogging this about? My simple answer, I've seen the said billboard both at North Edsa, and another one near Guadalupe or Makati, and I can't help but stare at it. Just imagine if most motorist would stop by and stare at the said billboards, it would cause commotion and traffic that would entail a lot of distress to our poor traffic enforcers. More over I just don't see the point why advertisers makes huge billboards with sex as its theme background on it! Does sex themed things really produces a lot of money? (Edit: Just pondering over; how can you even sell undergarments without using it as a theme? Lol)

No offense to Jake Cuenca, but having that luscious and yummy body to die for being exposed on a billboard really causes a lot of eye strain.

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