Saturday, October 20, 2007

Credit Cards: Are they really Necessary?

Credit cards: are they really necessary?

If you're an online shopper it's a must to have a credit card in order to purchase your goods. However since there are a lot of phishing scams out there that tries to steal your credit card information, you try to use other services like Paypal which allows balance transfers from your credit card to your Paypal account in order to avoid giving out personal credit information that is viable to being stolen and used by others in their crime. With that in hand, you are sure that no one will be able to use your credit card for their personal gain.

However, if you're not an online shopper, more so you're just an ordinary person who despised the word "shopping", then credit cards are just a piece of plastic chip for you. What do I mean when I say piece of plastic chip? Simple, since the term "credit" is attached as the first word for the compound word "credit card", it means that you're just borrowing an imaginary cash from a certain bank that offers you that piece of plastic chip. You were borrowing money in order for you to luxuriate or buy the things that you normally don't need using credit cards, and every month you are obliged to pay for the sum amount you had spent. Isn't this why credit cards were made in the first place?

So was it necessary? If you feel that it's a need for you, then go check out the interest free credit cards where you can borrow money using credits cards and pay it afterwards like normally borrowing money from your parents. But if you feel that the said credit cards just traps you in buying the things that you want but it's not a need, then I suggest don't ever try to acquire one. Credit cards were made as a piece of temptation! If you already had credit cards, well the most likely advise I can hand out to you is set your priorities, and ask yourself: "Do I really need this thing?"

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