Monday, November 20, 2006

apologies for not commenting back

Hello readers...

I'm sorry if I can't comment back using my own tagboard. I just hate it when it says "cookies deactivated". I don't even know how it occured, but I know it happened when our computer changed it's motherboard for malfunctions, and reformated all the existing windows operating systems.

I do appreciate your comments, and all, yet how in the world could I tell you that indeed I appreciate it when I can't respond to it. Ooooh, if only I know how it would be fixed. Grrr... for, that's their major problem with the codes they give to the users. Anyway, enough of my such ridiculous rants, I need to finalize my layout on this blog, so just wait up until I get all the codes that I needed.

For some boxing fans out there, Manny Pacquiao won over Morales on their third bout on Las Vegas yesterday. I just don't know what to say whether I'm going to applaud for his success or be dismissive about it. Hey I'm not a boxing sports fan you know! However, the half of my blood-line says be proud of him, yet the other half, uh, never mind.... :)

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