Wednesday, November 29, 2006

sleeping problem

I can’t sleep tonight, not that I’m suffering from another insomnia attack, but because I’m always barking… ehem… barking wildly, like a mad dog. I’m so sick of it. I’ve been suffering for 3 days already from it. Hay, it started just last Sunday after I felt an itching sensation in my throat. Aside from this, another reason was when I try to sleep sideways (which normally is my sleeping position), I can’t breathe normally. I feel that my swollen sinus blocks my nostrils leading to lack of oxygen intake in my body. Even if I take a lot of medications and employ water therapy it’s still not effective.

I have contracted a virus! But where did I get it? Where? Where? Wherreeeeeee? In a computer shop, Netopia to be exact, the internet café in Dapitan. I had recalled that when I rented a computer (since I was not at home, and home is too far away from school), I was stationed in between two high school students, and one of them was always sniffing and apologizing even though the sniffing sound he makes was inaudible. I thought, though that it was his mannerism but nooooooo, he was already spreading the virus in a closed air-conditioned room. And since I’m in close proximity to him I easy contracted the virus.

Damn, now I’m always sniffing, because of a runny nose, always barking because of an inflamed tonsil straining my vocal muscles, and I’m always sneezing, every two to five minutes interval. Make a cure for cough and colds please… not just some medications that treat them and after which you’re going to have them again.

By the way, I've watched a photosession of an aspiring male model (can't include pictures though sorry), and an absurd idea struck me on why some masculine male ends up looking gay-ish in such photosessions. What was prominent and visible in it was that, some inexperienced make-up artist, wardrobe consultant and hair stylist appeared to imbue their concept in the model; hence the adulteration of the masculine persona. So it ends here. Good night everyone.

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