Thursday, November 30, 2006

hotmail turned 1GB

I've checked my Hotmail account today, and guess what? My email storage capacity turned upto 1000 megabytes, roughly about 1 gigabyte like my Yahoo! account. I'm so, so blessed... yipeee... I remember before that microsoft only offers 2.5 megabytes of storage to free users and if you wanted to have extremely bigger storage capacity you need to acquire it by paying to microsoft a monthly due. But now, they're offering 1 gigabyte of storage to free accounts! Such a good move to the team of microsoft, keep it up!

Anyway to compare different free web-based e-mail services available, here are the list of my currently working e-mail service providers:

1. Kittymail - storage capacity: 10 MB

2. Hotmail - storage capacity: 1000 MB / 1 GB

3. Yahoo! Mail - storage capacity: 1 GB

4. Gmail - storage capacity: 2.7 GB (and counting!)

5. Lycos Mail - storage capacity: 3 GB

There's the list... if you have problems on storage capacity then I suggest Gmail from the choice, for they're currently still increasing their storage capacities. Or better yet choose lycos instead. By the way I've heard that there was an email service provider that offers terrabyte (don't know the spelling, sorry) storage capacity, you also need to check it out.

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Anonymous said...

Bandwidth? Do you even know what you're talking about?