Tuesday, November 28, 2006

view on impoliteness of security guards

Have you ever been accused of the silliest thing in your life? Well, I just do! I just can't understand why some security guards meddle into people's businesses, as if I'm one sort of a terrorist trying to find some civilian victims for my quest to kill them. I just hated the feeling. I know you will all disagree with me, and think that I'm just over-reacting, but no I'm not over-reacting to the situation. I do understand that it's their work to protect the people inside the premises their stationed to, and it's their obligation to ask people why they are there and for what business matter. However, why can't some security guards be more polite and humble in asking questions? Just imagine the situation that I've been: "Ba't palagi kang nandito? Saan ka pupunta? Anong gagawin mo?" In English, why are you always here? Where are you going? What's the purpose of your visit? I, always there everyday of the week! That's the most ridiculous accusation I've got from a security guard in a university, especially in the university where I have taken my under-graduate course, University of Santo Tomas!

I just don't know if I'm going to laugh at him, or exhibit my rage at his impoliteness. But I took the former action and inhibit my rage, even if I really wanted to. But his question still lingered in my head, on how did he say that I'm always there everyday. I recalled that I've been there only 3 times including now. The first was on November 6, 2006, when I went to the College of Science and asked for the signatory of the dean for my application form for NMAT (National Medical Admissions Test). The second time was supposed to be the following day, to get my good moral certification from the said college, but I skipped on their schedule, and instead I took it on November 24, 2006. (That day, I've also encountered another impolite security guard on the same location and same spot. I just don’t know if it was the same person.) And now, was my third time to be back, so why accuse me of always being there!

If this situation occurred again, (because I believe in the saying that if a certain thing happened the second time, it will likely to happen the third time) I will be more assertive on my right as an alumnus, and report any of the security guards that's impolite, and imprudent, and have them to be dismissed of their duty. I may be harsh, but that's just the right thing to do. Being compassionate doesn't entail that they would change for the better and be polite, and respectful to anybody, whether a student, a staff, or an alumnus of the university.

Anyway, as I promised on my previous post, I'll attach the picture of the cutie I've seen, so here it is:

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