Friday, November 24, 2006

back again...

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I'm back at my alma mater. The truth is I'm so excited of going back so as to finish the processing of my fucking application form for medicine. (Guess what I'm already delayed for a year!) I said fucking because it's so tiring to go from one building to another just to pay, file, and process it. I just couldn't comprehend on whether why the attendant can't accept payment and that she directed me to the accounting office a building away from them. (The building attached is where they house the accounting office, and the college that I belong.)

Anyway, I could have enjoyed my stay if the pest-of-a-guard didn't asked me why am I going back and forth to the said building. Imagine he said: Bro, anong bang ginagawa mo sa loob?" (In english: Bro, what are you doing inside?) Duh, I'm so tired and so pissed off then someone would ask me such a question in a no-so-humble way that I felt that I'm-one-sort-of-a-terrorist plotting my way on how am I going to put some explosives in the said building. Grrr.... Hence, I didn't answer back, I just showed him the papers that I was holding and never said a fucking word, for I might spill out my rage over him.

Just as I finished paying and I went back to the medicine building, that I found out that a meeting was held after I went out to pay. The urgency of the said meeting was not disclosed; hence I need to wait for sometime just to get my papers done. Hello... I'm just so tired of walking and climbing stairs then now what wait... wait... wait... (oh, students are not allowed to use the elevators. such a cruelty!)

At least I've seen some cutie also waiting. same college that I belong to, but in a lower batch. (I'm going to attach his picture some other time... without him knowing of course!) Well, I understand that he was looking over me, trying to refresh his memory on who-the-hell-was I. But me, oh well, the still haggared me trying to fan my way to get some refreshement. He didn't asked of course because for all I know, lower batches believe that I'm sort of a not so friendly person. Oh, forget it. Facial features can deceive sometimes right? Anyway, I cannot continue anymore... that's the end I think...

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