Thursday, November 23, 2006

950 billion dollars richer!

950 Billion dollars! Is it true, the Marcos’ were even richer than the richest man the whole world has ever produced, Bill Gates? If the news here in the Philippines was true, that a German Bank account was found under the Marcos Family, then whoa, I just don’t know what to say. It can pay the country’s debt in the World Bank!

For those who don’t know the Marcos Family, then I may give a little background on them. Mr. Marcos (Ferdinand) was the former president of the Philippines. He was married to Imelda Marcos, a lady who overly spends a lot of money for shoes, bags, jewelry, and clothes embedded with precious stones. (She was called the “steel butterfly” out of extravagance). Mr. Marcos headed the country and promised to make Philippines a great country, while Mrs. Marcos headed the cultural prosperity of the country. Their family ruled more than the rightful term a president of the Philippines should have. Being a chief of staff, Mr. Marcos gained control of the country through a military junta; hence his term reached 20 long years. Under the said dictatorship era of the Philippines, it was alleged that they took most of what the treasury has to offer. Luxurious trips here and there, whilst killing over there, and human rights violations all around the place.

When the time came that Sen. Aquino, father of Ms. Kris Aquino, decided to go back to the Philippines for good, and was assassinated, the Marcos’ rule ended, and with them mostly all the riches that the Philippines had ever produced (mostly taxes). Hence, now the race for the money started.

3 presidents already left their post but still the money uncovered were not as half as what they believed the Marcos’ had taken. Million dollar account were found to be deposited in the Swiss Bank and was believed to have been laundered already to their heirs’ accounts. Unfortunately there was no evidence whatsoever that it was laundered or ever a Swiss account existed. The Swiss Account itself was billions of dollars, and now another account found – could they verify that such thing exist? You be the judge and rate the truth of the said matter.

Check ABS-CBN’s website for the said news.

For now, I state my opinion if there really were different accounts under the Marcos’ present proofs for it’s not nice to accuse somebody of these and that but the said allegations were not true.

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