Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Christmas is here again!

Do you feel it the Christmas spirit? For this year, again, I think, I’m going to get away with it without even celebrating the season. I say so because I cannot feel the spirit, I cannot feel the same spirit as before when I was a child.

I’m not being materialistic and all, when it comes to celebrating the season. I do recall before that my family used to place some Christmas decorations like Snow Globesall over the house, just to brighten up the household, and for us to feel that the season is really coming. But now, that I’m old enough, do I still need to set-up the trees and place some good-old wrapped presents under it? Do I still need to place some Christmas lights over the linings of the house just to say to the passer-bys that Hey, where on Christmas season, we need to be jolly! Do I still need to buy the some Christmas balls, Angels, Cane Sticks and all, just to place all over the place? Do I still need to place some Christmas Socks on the wall (since we don’t have chimney) and pretend that Santa would fall down from the sky and place some presents in it?

I’m not being pathetic and all, but I know for now that the season only survives because of the materialism involved in it. Is it the real meaning of the season? Or the real reason of commemorating Christ birth was covered up by giving lots of presents and placing some decorations all over the place? I say, I still enjoy the past, where I pretend that Santa will come. And the truth was, I still enjoy decorating, but I think in a practical way now, and it’s not worth it.

My plans for Christmas this year, is just go to the church. I haven’t been back for some time for distrust on the leaders leading it, for the scandals involved and done by the priest, but I had not lost my faith. I need first to re-establish my connection with the omnipotent one, and maybe with that I can feel again the season that others now are craving to come.


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jillbeth said...

I also deplore the commerciality of the Christmas season. Each year I find it harder to get into the Christmas spirit. I collect small nativity scenes, and decorate my home with them at Christmas,and teach my grandchildren about the real purpose of the season, to celebrate the birth of Jesus. But they also enjoy the magic of Santa Claus!