Tuesday, January 30, 2007

grand alumni homecoming

Dear UST Psychology Alumnus,

The College of Science will have a Grand Alumni Homecoming this February 2007 as it celebrates its 80th year of continuous pursuit of Excellence (Please see details of the event on the attached Formal Invitation).

I would like to invite all alumni (BS Psychology Graduates from 1925-2006!) to this event. Please invite your classmates too and make it a wonderful and fruitful reunion for BS Psych graduates!

Let us go back to our HOME and reunite with our friends and mentors!

Halina't mag-BALIK AGHAM!


Board Member, Association of Thomasian Psychology Alumni

University of Santo Tomas

I've received this email and it excites me to hear that there will be an alumni homecoming in the college that I once belong. However, what i don't like about it was the fact that I need to reunite with my former ehem... mentors. (are they?) I still can't forget about how some so called "mentors" treated us grimly and ruefully, especially with the department that I once been under. I just like to meet with my former classmates and friends not them (mentors)... hay...

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