Tuesday, January 30, 2007

unresolved thoughts...

I've got so much to say, yet i'm devoid of words to spare. I just don't know how am I
going to make a concise compilation of all the experiences that I had these past days. Anyway to start of:

Do you believe in ghosts?
Do you believe in visions?

Well, what if I said I believe on them? Would you think it's absurd? Or would you think that I'm out of my mind? It depends, right? It depends if you believe in supernatural phenomenon or not. But why am I inserting such thoughts in my blog? Because, for some reason I've now seen the whole image of the ghost or poltergeist that roams around the house. It's not just the ordinary fast movement of an unknown white matter, but an exact figure of a female standing.

The truth is, it's so scary, for she appeared in my dreams. She's fair in complexion and tall. She stands right behind the closed door. She has a wavy hair, similar with
sadako/samara in The Ring, yet she doesn't go out of the television screen. She just
stands there. I walked towards her to ask what she's been doing there and to my surprise a pair of scary eyes appeared and a skeletal hands started reaching me... That's until my father woke me up.

The next thought that I'm pondering about was the so called "middle child" syndrome.
Yet my ideas are not yet finalized about it.

The last thought the passed through my mind... my future... medicine or nursing what or what?

Am I still making sense? Hay...

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