Wednesday, January 10, 2007

at a blank state

Since I'm stil devoid of thoughts to post for this year, I just surfed around the internet (though still very slow due to the damaged fiber optics in Taiwan) to find some interesting stuffs to post, and luckily i found some stuffs that i can post. Please bear with it for i do feel that some people might be offended because it's a crap thing. Just click the permalink to see what it is.

Anyway, a month had already passed after I took the NMAT exams, and now I'm still hoping that I can surpass my previous percentile rank. Upto now I'm still waiting for it so wish me luck, and pray for me for this is yet another turning point in my life.

So here are the blog things...

Who is your famous boyfriend? (for gurlz and gay guys only.)

Jesse McCartney
he's young, innocent, blonde and sexy... dang, wat else is there to be said? nothing except, he can sing, he can act... hes just AWESOME
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Isn't it sweet... haha... It's jesse mccartney!!!

And here is the other one:

what type of guy are you?


Normal Guy
your just your avrage joe going threw life normal and dont notice your hottness.
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