Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Just finished watching the telecast of "Playing it straight", wherein Jackie, a midwestern girl would choose a guy from the large pool of gorgeous-looking men both straight and gay. The game proper is this: She would choose only one and at stake is the 1 million dollars. The rules are simple: if a straight guy is the last man standing, the couple splits the money. However, if a gay guy fools his way to the finish line, he leaves $1 million richer, and Jackie empty-handed. And to think this was far more difficult since these gays were not the stereotypical types one would see, but more of a metrosexual men. Gosh, see how they did it!

However in the finale, there were only 3 left (Chris, Banks, & Sharif) at the "sizzling saddle". No body knew who's who except from themselves. And poor Jackie should make a decision on who to choose. A tough decision, since she's emotional attached to them. But she did a choice and chose "Banks" the one who had his arms broken in "bunong braso", which is of course a straight male. Within the 3 finalist, there was only 1 gay included which was chris.