Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kerchoonz: A New Social Network

Piracy, if not the worst, is the most rampant cause of intellectual property rights violation across the globe which leads to loss of investment and income to artists, composers and recording labels alike. Suffice to say downloading free pirated music and or video over the internet through torrents and or warez sites, cripples not only a portion of a certain business establishment but the entire music and movie industry itself. Despite drastic measures enacted by different law enforcing agencies around the world, it is still not enough to eradicate the free sharing and or trading of files over and across the vast network called the internet.

For the past few years, everyone, including I had downloaded a large sum of music and or video files freely uploaded and shared over the internet. Let us face it, who would not want to get free merchandise with just a click of your mouse? However, as technology improves things, it also complicates everything as a result, hence giving birth to what everyone now knows as the Digital Rights Management (DRM). With DRM as an obstruction to free music, sources for it appeared to be scarcer than the usual.

UnknownBut luckily, there’s a certain company out there that had envisioned a goal to share a DRM free music to its users or members at the expense of paying recording labels with the revenue generated through the advertisements they had embedded within their site. The company that I’m talking about is no other than Kerchoonz, a new social networking site that was developed for musicians and artists a like so as for them to share to the whole community their piece of work. Of course, the site is still in beta phase, but even though, it really appears to be a promising site since there is this cool feature for artists with which they will be paid appropriately for every music the members had downloaded from the site. More so, if the said artist referred another colleague to the site, he will also be paid for the said sign-up.

Imagine, free DRM music for all and at the same time being paid for your work, where in the world could you get that except for Kerchoonz. So what are you waiting for, join now and be a part of a wonderful community that offers only the best.



jjphilips said...

My band joined Kerchoonz and it is my understanding that it is completely legal because they pay the artists and the labels through the advertising revenue on the site which means there isn't a copyright violation. They have not violated any copyright laws because the copyright owners themselves upload the music. I am an artist on the site and I don't want you to think I'm spamming you just to promote my music, but, my band is on the site and we think it will really help us because, unlike myspace, they pay us when people listen and we can also sell our music on the site, but, we have opted to give away some free downloads because it helps us get more fans and also, we are paid for the downloads from the advertising. So, your blog doesn't make sense. I also noticed that many record labels have joined it. I think this is great. I also think it is necessary in order to fight the piracies out there. I don't think that you have done the research because it is all very clear in the ad-agreement they have on the site and also in the terms. but, that is my opinion.

john said...

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phil kerchoonz said...

Hi Jaycee
I'm glad to hear we dazzled you :)
Thank you for your comments. We are always really pleased to hear feedback from our users.
Just to answer a couple of questions you pose: We have of course tried to incorporate all the best elements of other social networks and music sites, and we have added and will continue to add all sorts of other features and services which absolutely nobody else is doing. Our site is unique in that respect.
The site has been conceived and built by musicians, for musicians. We are the first site that has set itself up expressly to share advertising revenues with copyright owners. We won't be the last. This concept is being embraced by the industry, musicians and fans alike. We've had dozens of meetings on two continents (so far) with labels, publishers and the industry bodies; there is clearly nothing dubious about our intent or practice, I hope you will come to agree. We are effectively re-inventing the wheel in many respects so obviously it will take time to set up new business relationships with long established organisations such as those in the music industry.
Kerchoonz, along with people like yourself, fans, artists and labels, are together breaking exciting new ground with this model. Thank you for your support. See you on the site.

jaycee said...

Have i made this article sound so bad? If so, I apologize.

I know, this site is promising and has a lot of features that can compete with the rest and established social networking sites. And I will also be honest that I hadn't read much of the ad-revenue scheme for the musicians. But so to speak, I will be waiting for this site to progress.

I just hope it wont be the same as multiply, where their main objective before appeared to be the same as your site's objective today.