Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Manny: Champion Again?!

Manny Pacquiao Won Again? Urgh! I just hate it! I honestly really do hate it if he won any boxing competition!

I hate him to win not because I hate him personally or what, but because every time he won all the necessary issues that needs addressing and answers are always set aside for the euphoria brought about by his success!

I as well do like him to win his bouts against his adversaries, but after that it's over. I don't want him to be treated like a hero that most Filipinos would think of; the kind of hero that would help them through all their ups and downs and alleviate their sufferings, when in fact every time he wins his bouts every national issues are forgotten and eclipsed by his triumph, until it is well forgotten by most Filipinos themselves.

Now what, will the issues pertaining to national problems be resolved? For example, the food shortage? Will his winning in the said sport bring about as many foods as before to the platters of the poor? Another thing, will this triumph against his adversary make the oil prices drop until each and every Filipinos suffering from it would be free from their burden? Will his success cause all those missing bodies in the sea to be found? No right.

Hence, I just hope that the euphoria would not extend to become like a festivities again that spanned for more than months covered by each national televisions. I just hope that Filipinos would wake up and snap to it early and go out and find the solutions to their own problems with their own hands.


julai said...

hi jaycee,thanks a lot for d visit.pasensya at medyo busy kaya di ako naka reply kaagad..i already linked this blog in my blog.kindly linked me here too.thanks

REYAH said...

hahaha same feeling...me too!nagagamit kasi ng mga politician ang victory nya.