Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remember Me?: An Insight.

Remember Me?This is the first book that I had read from Sophie Kinsella, a chic lit novelist; and since it's my first time to read one of her works, I actually didn't expect much because I had no idea of her writing style and technique. But with all honesty, I was taken aback with my wrong expectations; I had never quite imagined that I would end up so endowed on her writing style and technique to a point that I'm craving for more of what she has to offer. She is such a good novelist that I wouldn't mind recommending all her works to all book lovers out there. However, since this is the first book ever that I had read from such brilliant author, expect that I would one day make another review or insight about her works that I had come across with.

Anyway, what's in store for readers if they had come to open the book Remember Me? Well they'll just end up being struck by the quality and richness of the story about a young adult that had suffered from an illness and her will to redeem herself. As it's title header states, I believe you all have a vague idea of what might have transpired in the life of the protagonists but you all wanted to be sure if the novel is worth a read. I assure you all that this book is better and you all might even associate your feelings and experiences to the protagonists experiences itself. I assure you all that you will love it much as I do.

Nevertheless, the story of the book itself is light and pleasurable to read, more so, it's easily understandable despite some highfalutin words that might had come across as you skim and read the rest of the pages. But I'm assuming that you will like the book still despite it all.

To be honest, I really don't like to spoil people of the book's content, but hey, I'm also a reader and I can't help but to give people basic thoughts on what they're about to read. Anyway, do any of you mind to help me out on visualizing a Mont Blanc? If you might had read this book, I know you had come across to what this is, but still I haven't seen this happened in real life situations hence an image of something similar will be beneficial to help me visualize it clearly.

Nonetheless, if you haven't read this book I suggest you go immediately to your local library to read it. However if it isn't available you can actually buy it here or even download it here so you can read it as well.

Happy reading!

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