Tuesday, July 22, 2008

View on Pre-electioneering campaign

There are a lot of things that I really hated about Philippine Politics, and I think enumerating it here would do me no good at all since it would be a waste of time to talk about. More so a lot of people who surfs the internet hated politics as the main topic so I'd just make this post nice and sweet (in irony of course).

What to say about this country's political domain? If I say that this country had a lot of unqualified political aspirants on highly coveted public positions would it mean that I'm generalizing or am I just seeing the transparent fact? If I say that almost all unqualified political aspirants are power-hungry corrupt tyrants, would I be lying if I said that indeed it's true and irrevocable otherwise? More so, if I also state that most of those good politicians this country had were easy tempted by anything provided there is money, power and influence involved would you believe me?

Well, I can't honestly prove these accusations right now despite this is already a known fact, but I can somehow provide concrete examples of these instances. However, let me get to my point straight first before this goes off topic. Right now "pre-electioneering" is starting to occur in this country despite the next national elections that would happen two (2) years from now. It seems that their wasting their money or better yet placed as people's money from taxes just for their faces to be seen on television commercials giving greetings for successful graduates, endorsing products so that their name and faces may be seen in print and billboard etcetera, etcetera. This is already happening and it's really quite disturbing. Why wouldn't these politicians start acting and do their basic jobs in making and enacting laws rather than showing their faces on television screens endorsing detergents and whitening pills! Would that help in improving the impoverished condition of the country or would that help them boost their public appearance to gather enough votes in the position that they’re aspiring?

Next point that I need to holler out is really the most nut-cracking news that I ever heard this week. Manny Pacquiao again is running for congress next elections! My God, didn't he learned that a lot of his Gen San constituents and a lot of Filipinos doesn't want him to be seated in any public office. What in the world would a non-lawyer or a non-degree holder in legal management and similar courses do in congress? Sit? Stare? Doodle? Yes, provided he now bears the high school equivalent diploma, that is not even enough to make and pass a bill that is highly written in English.

Okay, I understand his ideology on helping a lot of people, and he can do that without even being elected as congressman, but please never run in a corrupt and filthy position that the government offers. Being a congressional representative isn't a sign of stature in life in this country, it's a sign of corruption and I don't want to see your good name being bastardized and scandalized by it!

Filipinos wants reform, and I think reformation of the government would only happen if all the masses would vote for qualified nominees and not artists, athletes, singers, etcetera, etcetera, that doesn't have any degree and background on any pre-law courses, nor not even a lawyer. What will happen if these popular people again would be elected? Who would run the government? They're leech advisers? For heaven sake, I can't bear another one president seated for only two years, deposed, and now a convict for a crime everyone knows that he might have participated in but doesn't have full knowledge about it. More so, I can't bear another usurper to be the next president.

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