Saturday, June 19, 2004

breaking the animosity....

Yesterday i'd never thought that i'm going to end up late. At the threshold of the room i gazed at each person as i shamelessly entered it. I'd never thought that they were in a state of exhaustion in that flithy room called "airconditioned and multimedia" for it seemed that it's just one hour passed after i came in. Though, still i hinted that it was because of the tireless ballyhoes our dear good professor had been telling them.

Though an hour late, i'd still managed to make the most of what was in stored for that day. I'd managed to come to the class usual sports hangout, and play badminton. And i'd managed to break the animosity that widened the gap between our group and the rest of the groups. Although, we went home early i'd still had fun, and this hindered me from thinking about seeing my prince for that day.