Thursday, July 15, 2004


To all those people who have read my Blog regarding the hypocrites thing...


I know, I had offended you with such usage of words, and I was never that keen to realize that I had made a drastic action in favor for this someone who had stirred my emotions.


...People tend to generalize, and I guess I had made the wrong decision to generalize. I know it would not be easy for all of you to reconsider my apology, but as time goes by, I hope you would all forgive me.

The truth behind that post was that I had just used it in order for me to know who was the "one person" who tried to ruin my reputation behind my back, and who tries to sever my existing relationships to all of you. And for that reason - for just posting that blog, issues were raised and sent to me. People were of course, misconstrued by my generalizations, so I guess, I should now be specific, for I already knew who that person was. However, I don't want to mention that person's name here, so I guess I should end this post here.

Sorry!!! folks!!!