Friday, October 22, 2004

I guess my long wait have finally been put to an end, whew... No more worries, no more damn anxiety every night, and no more nightmares of dreaded failure, because I've passed all my subjects... especially that non-motivating, uninteresting subject industrial psych.

Anyway, before I decided to post this, I've hopped around to some blog... especially with Leah's, and know what, I've read there a speech, *touching, very touching* and there it gives people motivation to continue on with the trials each one faces though they have stumbled on their way. I hope you visit her blog and read it.

Now for the finale, I thank God, first and foremost for earnestly listening to my redundant prayers of sparing me from such dreaded situation, for if ever I fail, I don't know what my parents will most likely to say. Knowing them, especially my dad - a perfectionist, and mom, who always says lines that is unbearable to hear. (Expect that when she learned that I have this grade again she would never stop nagging me for not doing my best!). Secondly, I thank the professors who have been so kind enough to give such a grade though I really don't deserve them. And last I thank myself for not being so over-paranoid last week to think about these grades.

*Please never stop believing in yourselves and don't think that you all can't make it. Be positve. God has a will for every thing. He is our guide towards our success.