Friday, April 29, 2005

over at last!!!

Today my first ever practicum is over, truly over. No more extentions, no more additional hours, and no more early morning rise just to satisfy one of the criteria posted for this practicum. Oh well, I'm gonna miss the experience - the hours of laughing and talking nonsense issues before being asked to do the necessary paper works needed for HR. I'm going to miss Ms. Malou and her soothing voice of calling your name "jaycee...jaycee..." or "mira...mira..." And even those other employees in the HR calling you in different kinds of names like "cj...jc bonin...jay...archie." Oh well there are still plenty of it.

I'm going to miss the fact that I had gained two new friends that i will never meet again unless given a chance. I'm also going to miss the fact that for 3 weeks time i became an "ambassador of death", with a manong who holds my karet..."manong manny ang karet!!!", and being the forerunner of a certain organization acting as president...lolz... Anyways this is how we waste our time when we are not interviewing cocky, dumb or articulate applicants.