Sunday, November 27, 2005

I need to swallow my pride in saying that i will never post anything. Indeed I cannot just leave. This is a part of the my heart's passion. This is where I empty all my feelings and emotions. This is where I put my thoughts. This is a part of my life, a part of me that I conceal from public.

But what have driven me to return?

It was a simple message from a diary of someone I had read. It says,

Nobody knows that I really like writing... buti na lang we have this project.

I was amazed on how she'd put her whole thoughts in it, on how simple events can make up a unique story. It made me reflect, that indeed like her I had this passion for writing, yet I easily gave up all that when nothing nice seem to happen. I concentrate more on the negative side of life, not the positive side that's why simple things in my life that makes people happy, are always neglected.

I took this depression seriously. I was so affected by the lost of someone never really mine from the start. I look at stressful events and concentrate on it, when i fact i can concentrate on happy thoughts and make my gloomy life bright.

I need to learn my lessons well. This shall be my thought for the days to come.

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