Saturday, December 24, 2005

about christmas

Okay so it's hours to go before christmas... but why does everybody making fuss about it? They are all thinking that it would be merry, spending a lot of money, expecting for something to receive, and all yet "reality bites" it's not. Sorry for my sarcasm but i just don't get the point on why some like to avert from reality and pretend everything is okay.

Besides as I watch the news yesterday, I had heard of this seasonal emotional disorder (if i was right in recalling and i don't even know what it was!!) that people may experience in this season. The main root cause as I analyzed it, simple people's expectations about christmas; their views that are totally not applicable now a days.

I mean to be honest, i don't feel the christmas spirit anymore. all those explanations before, and people's stipulations that christmas should be a remembrance of the birth of christ were all gone out of my mind. My view now of christmas is something materialistic, as what we were brought up to, giving and expecting to receive gifts from someone. Christmas is something of exuberance, of wasting, and of spending. Then afterwards what? Suffer for all the wasted money that you had spent.

See my view why i don't really like this season to come.

We are, in my point of view, in the dark ages of life. Everything now has a something of an equivalent...

Hay I'm so blasphemous... but i really can't help it... so just bear with my rants...

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