Sunday, January 15, 2006

What were YOU in your past life? (pictures, detailed results,everyone can take it)

You were a teacher! Strict,but funny, you taught children how to play musci and sing the most lovely songs.Instructor: You took music seriously and hated it when others didn't. You taught your students the best, and never stopped playing music. You knew how to love, and soon found one. You love to play her your songs, and she loves to sing to them.Intructress: Singing was you field of teaching. You loved to hear the children sing. You taught them the best. The children loved you because of your kind nature,but you felt something was missing. Yous oon found it, for it was love. Both of you died happily.Flower:Lotus FlowerColour:Pure WhiteInstrument:OcarinaElement:FireWeapon:Daggar
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