Thursday, April 27, 2006

There's a sliver of light in that door. We need to walk slowly so as no one will hear us.
We need to hide near that closet for us not to be seen. Is that clear?

Uhm... yes?

At the count of three... one, two,

I hear voices...

three... let's go.


Uh oh!

Meddlers! After them.

Run! Now! Go!

Okay, we need to take separate ways. I go this way, and you go that way. Okay?

I think it's not a bright idea?

Just do it... go!

Huh! Ah!

Sir. I have her.

Let go of me!

Don't let him get away. After the other.

Rafael, run... don't mind me here. Run for your life!

No I wont leave you!

Just Run! Now! Go!

Let her go you scumbug!

Who are you calling scumbug, me?

Yes, you are. Let her go!

Let's us see who is scumbug between the two of us. Let him face what he's looking for!

Uh... Blag... Blag... Uh...


Now, my dear, your screams won't help him in anyway.

Stop it... Stop it....

Blag... ah... blag... uh...

Now who is the scumbug... meddler? Throw them both to confinement, and don't let them escape.

Yes, sir.


Uh... blag...


This is where you both belong... meddlers!

Clang... blag...

Are you alright?

Yes, and you? Oh, you're bleeding... Wait I'll find something to mend your wounds.

No need, I'm fine, I can manage.

Oh, don't be silly, you're bleeding profusely. Oh, there's nothing in here... *sigh*
Why didn't you leave me here?

You know I can't do that... I can't let you be treated badly by that scumbug, Ivy, I just can't.

But look at what happened to you?

It doesn't matter what happened to me. What matter most of, is you and your mother. I just dont
see why your scumbug of an uncle needs to do that to you and your mother.

I just don't know why? Anyway, i'm going to tie this piece of cloth in your wound. It might help.

We need to find a way out, for the sake of your mother.

Yes, we need to, but please, don't force yourself. Your wound might start bleeding again.

But we have no time...


Sign this my dear.

No! I wont sign that Osmund. Never!

Sign this, my dear sister-in-law, or you'll regret it!

You've heard my answer Osmund.... Never! I will never hand over to you the throne. Never! It shall
never be yours, and your wicked plans will never be fulfilled!

Silence! Or I shall strangle you. Sign this or you'll perish and forever be forgotten.

Never, Osmund... Never... Even if you kill me now, you shall never have the throne, and the
empire for Ivy will have it!

Enough of your nonsense, my dear Queen. Ivy, your dear little princess would have what I
had desired for. Huh... You make me laugh. She will never have it.

Huh... She is my successor and she will have the empire.

Ha...Ha...Ha... Alas, my Queen, you never know what I can do.

What do you mean?

Hmph... Sign this or you'll regret what will happen to your dear little Ivy.

You... You shall pay for this... you shall pay for this...

(okay... di ko na alam yung susunod na mangyayari... iisipin ko pa ulit... Ito po ang produkto ng
walang magawa sa bahay...)

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