Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I'm missed talking to someone of my age; someone who could understand you no matter what;
someone who you could spare words with and be heard; someone i know would accept you.
i missed a friend, or friends to be fair. I just feel alone. I had no one to share my
emotions with. I just don't have for now.

I couldn't call my bestfriend. i might be disturbing him in his review for nursing board.

I couldn't call rich, he's working at a certain company, his in graveyard shift.

I couldn't call ren, jen and lou... all of them are busy... perhaps.

I couldn't call anybody from the block... i just can't bother them. i don't even know what
they are doing.

oh, i miss the life of a student. you go to school, meet with your friends, talk and chat,
feel free and happy despite the pressures. I miss everything. i just do.

anyway, i have received my sign, the results of the nmat. and i reached the cut off for ust.
yet, i need to find a job for now, so as not to be a bum... hay boring...

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