Thursday, August 3, 2006

Lance Bass from the band Nsync announced to the public that he is gay! More so admitting of having a stable relationship with the one of the reality show winners, Reichen, from the amazing race series. According to the news that sprawed over the net, he (Bass), didn't divulve such sexuality prior his statement today for he said that he was in a popular band, and that the career of the four other members where in his hands if he publicly renounce his sexuality. He, likewise admitted that he has no regrets in revealing his own sexuality now, and that it made him more comfortable.

For those Harry Potter fans out there, Ms. Rowling had made a statement about the
last installment of her widely acclaimed book, Harry Potter Series. She bluntly said
that two other characters will die, but she definitely did not told the press who's
who that is going to die. More so, she said that she had reached the resolution on
the last installment of the book, and it will likely end the way she had expected it.
However, two authors (Irving, and King) pleaded for her not to kill Harry for it will
sadden most of the fans who had loved the hero. Let's just wait and see until the book is published.

A Curious Incident of a Dog in the Night-time by Mark Haddon: A review. For those who
haven't read it, this is a spoiler so better get you nose off!

The story is about an autistic child who faced the difficult dilemma in his life, the
marriage dissolution of his parents. Christopher, having thought to believe that her
mother, Judy, died of a heart attacked, was accused by his neighbor of slaughtering/
murdering her dog, named Wellington. Since he has a very good logical skills, he decided to do some detecting in order to prove his innocence and find the murderer of the dog. Apparently he unveilled the secret his father had made, a cover up on the true situation of their family, that his mother hadn't died, but eloped with their neighbor's husband. With that, Christopher's father admitted that he was the one who killed the dog, which led Christopher to run away from home and go to London all by himself to live with his mother.

This is a worth while read, for in it fosters the value of courage, and critical thinking.

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