Monday, August 28, 2006


i was intrigued by this term over the internet and tried to research upon what it is.

According to a certain website, it is an asbestos-related cancer in the linings of the lungs. (quite intriguing?) This is caused, as the same site suggests, by inhaling asbestos in the air. (and i don't know what asbestos is?). it is quite schocking indeed that most of the products in the market contains this kind of chemical, which causes mesothelioma. and i think, we in the third world should be informed if a certain product contains asbestos, for we might be in danger of having the disease.

symptoms for mesothelioma were as follows:

chest pain

hard to breathe

persistent cough

shortness of breath

there is treatment and diagnosis however, the procedures used by doctors are all invasive in the body, most specifically placing tubes on the lungs and draining the fluids.

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