Tuesday, October 10, 2006


"Our happiness depends on wisdom all the way."


If people can feign to be happy why can't I? This is my understanding of the quotation
stated above. If wisdom is the main thing a person needed why does most intellectuals
search for it's meaning? Why does most of them search upto the very ends of the earth
just to find what their souls needed, and longed for? If philosophers were correct in
their philisophical explanations about life, why does most people find emptiness and
lack of contentment?

Being contented with what you have for now, doesn't even guarantee true happiness.
Being intelligent likewise can't guarantee your success in life, you can't even achieve
what you'd desired.

I just don't want to contest his philosophical idea about happiness, but i just don't
understand the reason why i felt this way. I had attained intellectual satisfaction, yet
i felt empty inside.

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